Sunday, July 19, 2015

Adoption Story: Jimmy and Kylee's Birthday Miracle

I have been waiting to share this adoption story with you for quite a while now. Today is the day! Every time I think of Jimmy and Kylee and the details surrounding them becoming parents, I seriously squeal! Really, it's that amazing! I promise you, I could not make this stuff up.

Jimmy and Kylee got in touch with Christian Adoption Consultants on August 9, 2014 after they were pointed in our direction by another CAC family. I had a long conversation with them on the phone where I could almost picture them on the edge of their seats. They were SO ready for their long wait to be over and could not wait to get started with CAC. God did something during our conversation and just like that my heart was connected with theirs; they were fast friends. There was just this energy and almost palpable sense of anticipation between all of us that God was about to do something big. Little did we know what God had in store...

A couple of days after that phone call, Jimmy and Kylee got started with CAC and I immediately began sending them adoption situations. After a year and a half of waiting at their agency and seeing nothing, they suddenly had hope that God wasn't done with their story. They knew there was a child He would bring to them and they were so thankful for the opportunity to finally start presenting their profile.

Then almost exactly a month later, I got an email about a little baby girl who needed a family; the agency said they needed to know immediately if anyone wanted to present their profile. It was around lunch time and I knew that Kylee was in school teaching. She wouldn't be checking her email until it would be too late to present. Thankfully, a couple days before that Kylee had said, "Katie, call me ANY time at school. Page me if you need to. Don't hesitate. My whole school is cheering us on in our adoption and they can't wait to see us become parents." (How awesome is that?) So, I spoke with the office and they put me through to Kylee. I love imagining her in her classroom filled with little kids, hearing my hyper-excited voice on the line as I shared about the situation. She didn't even need time to think about it. She knew they wanted to present. This was what they had been waiting for and she knew it.

The weekend came and we waited to hear about the birthmama's decision, Kylee emailed me this:
"This is awesome and my birthday is Monday!!!!!! Wouldn't this be a fantastic birthday gift? In fact, I have already taken a personal day to be off with my family that day. Praying for God to give this baby girl exactly what she needs."

Monday arrived and we knew a decision was coming. I was in my car, praying like crazy for Jimmy and Kylee and even my four year old was praying earnestly, "Please, help Miss Kylee have this baby for her birthday!" Kylee and Jimmy were about to go nuts waiting to hear an update. And then the update came. I got a hysterical call from Kylee and could barely even understand her. They had been chosen! Talk about an incredible birthday gift! They rushed to Florida as fast as possible and on September 16, they met their daughter for the first time. It was as if they had known each other forever.

I'm not sure I've ever seen two people more in awe at God for the gift of being parents. Every single time they mention their daughter, they stand amazed at His goodness. They know without a doubt that their daughter is a miracle from Him. This sweet ones adoption was just finalized and that awe has not dwindled even the slightest for Jimmy and Kylee. Only God can write stories like this. He is worthy to be praised!
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