Thursday, January 24, 2019

I'm Already Home Study Ready: Why Use CAC?

“I’m already home study ready and waiting with a local attorney/agency. What would be the benefit of me working with a consultant at this point?" 

This is a great question that I hear frequently from families inquiring about Christian Adoption Consultants. Here are three main reasons that it’s worth it to work with a consultant even if you are already active with a local agency/attorney:

1.  More opportunities to have your profile book shown to expectant moms making an adoption plan
2.  Personalized support, prayer, and guidance
3.  Being a part of a caring community of adoptive families

Wider Reach
At CAC, we help point you to multiple agencies and attorneys across the U.S., increasing your opportunities to present your profile book to more expectant moms. Increased exposure to adoption situations often means decreased wait time; our families match with an expectant mom on average between 6-12 months after applying to multiple agencies. (This is a huge difference from being a waiting family with just one agency or attorney where you present your profile book only with the expectant moms that come in to that specific office. If it’s a small local agency, likely there will not be many placements per year there despite often having quite a lot of waiting adoptive families. Often, I will hear from families that have been waiting for 2-3 years with their specific agency and have only had their profile book shown a handful of times.) Some of the agencies on our recommended list choose to initially waive their application fee for CAC families, giving you the chance to present your profile book to expectant moms without paying anything to those agencies ahead of time.

Personalized Support
As your consultant, my job is to be there for YOU. I don’t work for an adoption agency or with birth parents. I work with you for you. With each adoption situation that you see, I am there to help you think through all the complexities involved and pray for you. Sometimes this may mean cautioning you about a risky situation, or offering feedback about your personal letter to a specific expectant mom, getting in touch with an agency on your behalf if you have some additional questions, or walking you through how to lovingly care for a mom you're matched with. Often, my role will be offering a listening ear, sharing encouragement and scripture, pointing you towards excellent educational resources, and praying for you. In addition to being an adoption professional who is in your corner, I’m an adoptive mama who understands the emotions involved with adoption because I’ve been there (twice)!

Caring Community
Each adoptive family that I work with has the opportunity to be a part of a private online adoption group that I moderate. (The page is not part of CAC’s consulting services but is being provided as a free social support group for the benefit of CAC clients.) Since I have worked with over a hundred adoptive families during their adoption journey, this large community is a wealth of knowledge and support. Having a community of families who “get it” is so vital to persevering through the ups and downs of the adoption journey. These families will also cheer you on and pray for you along with me.

Here are a few stories from families of mine that started at CAC after already being home study ready and waiting with another agency/attorney! Bryan and Jayne, Jimmy and Kyle, Gary and Angela.

If you’ve been waiting for a while with one attorney/agency and you’re ready to have more opportunities to present your profile book, you’re ready to receive personalized support, prayer, and guidance, and you’re eager to be a part of a caring community of adoptive families, CAC might be a great next step for you!

For more information about domestic infant adoption, please contact me at I'd love to get you our info packet and be a part of your adoption journey!

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