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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Rough Being a Little Brother

Owey's face pretty much says it all. His sister is constantly trying to brush his hair, give him hugs, have him eat her pretend meals, hold his hand, put clothes on him, have conversations with him, etc. This poor little guy is such a good sport, even when he doesn't always enjoy her attention.

Despite all that, Owen and Tali really are good buddies. I absolutely love it when they make each other laugh or when they play ring-around-the-rosy, or when they dance together. Tali's been trying to talk to Owen a lot lately, too. "Hi Owey! How's ya day ta-day, Owey? What chew do ta-day, Owey?" It's so sweet when she does this but I feel bad for her because she doesn't get why he's not responding to her. "Mama, he's not an-suh-een me! Why's he not talkin ta me?"

Also, Tali loves to "hold" Owen's hand in the car. Except her idea of "holding" his hand is really like squeezing the life out of his poor fingers. The other day we were in the car and I heard Owen say, "Han, han! Oh-wee!!! Oh-wee!" (Hand, Hand, Owie, Owie)

These kids are just so cute.

Oh, and today Tali colored all over the wood floor and I was explaining to her not to ever do it again. She said, "Yes, Mama. Mama? Will you fuh-give me?" She's too sweet for words...

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Thanking God for Cindy

This week a dear friend who we had the joy of being with at the Pastor's College went to be face to face with Jesus, her Savior. She had been battling cancer heroically, trusting in the Lord and joyfully putting all her faith and hope in Him despite much pain. Though most of you have probably never met Cindy, I wanted to give you the opportunity to benefit from her life like I have. God was glorified in her life and He is being glorified through her death. (And if you don't have time to read this long post, just skim to the end and read Cindy's own words. You'll be challenged and encouraged by the way the Gospel had affected her!)

There is much I can say about Cindy, but what I am most thanking God for tonight is the example she gave me of tenderly loving and cherishing her husband, faithfully caring for her kids on a spiritual level, and her deep love for the Gospel that enabled her to joyfully endure suffering with faith in God.

Cindy loved her husband so much. I never once heard her speak ill of him and always saw her close by him, smiling at him, enjoying him. It was so clear that she loved being with him and that they shared a deep and personal friendship. Even after being married for many years, she was still seeking to grow as a wife and wanting to keep blessing her husband. I am so thankful to God for her example.

Cindy loved her kids so much as well. Though her kids were grown and out of the house, Cindy still carried them on her heart and was faithfully investing in their lives while we were in Maryland. I remember one evening when she and her husband were asking Josh and me all about courtship, seeking to gain input on how to care for one of their children in that similar season. What struck me about that was that she was still very actively caring for her children spiritually, even though they were grown. But even more than that, I was struck by her humility. Josh and I had only been married for seven months when we met Paul and Cindy, yet they were asking us for input on a parenting matter! That shows great Christ-like humility.

While I learned much from Cindy from that year together, I have learned even more by watching from afar as she and her husband clung to the goodness of God shown in the cross, even as they faced her death. It was so clear that she loved Jesus Christ above this earthly life

I hope that her words in an email to the PC ladies back in October stirs your heart to behold the power of the cross even more deeply tonight:

"I'm doing well. My body seems fragile, but not my soul. I know that God is the only One wise enough to know what is best. I know He can speak a word and command cancer cells to begin to die, but I also rest completely in the fact that He has taken ownership of this situation and this cancer is now His servant to serve His good purposes. I know this affliction is momentary and light and I believe that every word of God is faithful and true...that it is far better to depart and be with Christ. I'm so thankful for the good news of the Gospel! The greatness of Jesus and His work on the cross in taking the wrath of God fully upon Himself becomes more and more precious to me. Being clothed in Jesus perfect righteousness is amazing! I'm not feeling so great these days, but I can still say I am receiving more than what is being taken away. There are tears, of course. I wish I could be at my children's weddings, or share in the joy of grandchildren being born. But here's where it's good to remember that I have been bought with a price and I do not belong to myself. How good to have an infinitely wise and loving Master and a forever future with Him!"

Lord, please comfort Cindy's family and please continue to use her life for Your glory. Father, mold my heart to trust in You and love You the way that Cindy did.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It Always Happens When Daddy Is Gone

Now seriously-when else would a little boy who always falls directly asleep wind up taking an hour of calming to finally hit the hay? When else would a little girl who has been doing an awesome job going to sleep happily suddenly scream and scream and scream for water? (Of course at the same time that her brother is screaming for his mama.) Only, and I repeat-ONLY when Daddy is gone and I am doing the bedtime thing by myself. It never fails. This sort of thing literally happens every single time that Josh has a meeting or something and can't help with putting them to bed. Am I the only one that has this issue? Do the children conspire together behind my back before I start attempting to put them to bed. I can just imagine...

Tali: Hey, Owey! I have an idea that's willy fun. Let's kye and kye and kye for mama. Maybe she'll give us a paw-sicle or somethin. Wuh-chew think?

Owey: La-la! Yah-s! (yes)

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Couple CA Photos

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