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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Adoption Story: Daniel and Mae

Saying "yes" to God when He leads you down the path of adoption usually means saying "yes" to a journey filled with some twists and turns you could never have imagined. Sometimes the twists and turns bring with them beautiful surprises. Sometimes they bring with them unknowns and completely different scenery than you anticipated journeying through. But for Daniel and Mae, saying "yes" to adoption meant saying "yes" to trusting God, whatever twists and turns would come along the way.

Daniel and Mae started with Christian Adoption Consultants way back in July of 2012. Right away they had a happy bend in the road. They put their adoption plans on hold when they found out that Mae was pregnant. Fast forward about two years later. Daniel and Mae renewed their homestudy and were ready to follow wherever God led them. 

They applied to agencies with CAC's assistance in July of 2014 and about a month later, they got the call that they had been praying for. They were matched! A brave woman had chosen them to be the parents of her baby boy, a little guy who was due in the winter. 

As they waited for the months to pass, more twists in the road kept coming; some unknowns, including some potential health concerns for the baby and the possibility of a NICU stay, loomed on the horizon. This was not what they had expected to encounter along their way. They prayed, they sought counsel from others, and ultimately they trusted God, knowing He had led them down the bumpy path exactly where they were walking.

Then, a month before their son's due date, they got another call-a huge exciting turn in the road; their son was about to be born...a month early! They rushed to make arrangements and headed to meet him, praying for him all along the way. All of the unknowns, all of the bumps and twists and uncertain terrain had led them straight to that day. Healthy and happy, this little guy ended up NOT needing a NICU stay at all!

He spent his due date at home with his daddy and mommy and siblings, being loved and adored. And all of those twists and turns along the road to their son? Mae shared with me, "I want people to hear God's story of purpose, redemption, and healing through our son's story! Our son ended up in our family from the Lord's clear leading."

The road of adoption is rarely straight but there is One who knows where He's leading. And wherever He leads, we can be sure He will be there with us all along the way!
Right now is a great time to get started with CAC! Any new families who sign up between January 1 and 9 will receive $100 off of our full service consulting packages (does not apply to our self-serve consulting package, returning families, or special needs consulting packages).

For more information about adoption, please contact me at I'd love to help you on your adoption journey!

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Eddie and Anna: Finalization Day

Near the end of the summer, Eddie and Anna welcomed their son through a beautiful whirlwind adoption. You can read about their amazing story here. I am still brought to tears as I think about God's miraculous work as He answered such specific prayer requests in their adoption journey! Recently they celebrated the finalization of their little guy's adoption and shared these pictures, amazing video, and kind words with me about their experience working with Christian Adoption Consultants.

Anna shares:

"You know those moments where an overwhelming peace takes over and you can't help but smile because you know you got it right? That's exactly how I felt when I first talked with Katie. It was clear that CAC would be the path that would lead us to one of the biggest blessings we have ever received."

"As we traveled the adoption journey, Katie was more than an adoption consultant; she was our friend, our biggest cheerleader, our voice of reason, a true testament of unwavering faith. I often return to an old email or text message from Katie to relive the moments that led us to where we are now.  I have no doubt that God used Katie in our lives to only help guide us to our beautiful son, but also to strengthen our faith in Him. We will be forever grateful for the example she provided, for the guidance that kept us going, and the expertise that helped us make decisions along the way. I am in awe of God's plan and so grateful that He led us to Katie and CAC. We are absolutely in love with our little man. It doesn’t seem real. He’s too good to be true, but that’s what God does!"

Grab some kleenex and watch this breathtaking video about their journey:

Congratulations, Eddie and Anna. You're right! God loves to do immeasurably more than we could even imagine!
For more information about adoption, please contact me at I'd love to help you on your adoption journey!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

He's Seven Today

I remember so many things about that day, seven years ago, when Owen was born.
Cutting toast into little squares for my adorable 13 month old who had a nasty stomach bug.
A scary stat ultrasound to check why my baby wasn't responding to the non-stress test.
Standing in Walmart trying to find CastorOil and Gatorade.
Getting a call from Hanna asking if anything was happening and grumpily telling her, "no."
Eating the meal Andrea brought, feeling sick every 2 minutes and not realizing I was in labor.
Heading to the hospital feeling extremely annoyed that Josh wasn't driving faster.
Standing at the nurses' station suffering through contractions while they sllloooowly admitted me.
Then, finally in a room, my first epidural, and not long after, a beautiful baby boy in my arms.
Joshua Owen. So sweet. So quiet. And so loved.

Today my baby turns seven. And I hope I always remember this day, too.
How we asked him how old he was and he said, "six" until he grinned, suddenly remembering!
How he beamed when he looked at his legos and got straight to work building.
How he happily let his older sister help him, side by side at the table constructing.
How he sang Christmas carols while he looked at his new toys.
How he told me this is the best day ever.

I don't take this for granted..the gift of seven years with our son. My heart hurts today knowing that so many mamas I love have not had one year or four years or more with their baby, let alone seven. So today as I'm soaking in his sevenness as a gift, I'm also praying for comfort for those whose hearts hurt, breathing in this day and thanking God for these moments I want to remember forever.

Happy 7th birthday, buddy! You are an absolute gift to us.

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