Saturday, December 27, 2014

Eddie and Anna: Finalization Day

Near the end of the summer, Eddie and Anna welcomed their son through a beautiful whirlwind adoption. You can read about their amazing story here. I am still brought to tears as I think about God's miraculous work as He answered such specific prayer requests in their adoption journey! Recently they celebrated the finalization of their little guy's adoption and shared these pictures, amazing video, and kind words with me about their experience working with Christian Adoption Consultants.

Anna shares:

"You know those moments where an overwhelming peace takes over and you can't help but smile because you know you got it right? That's exactly how I felt when I first talked with Katie. It was clear that CAC would be the path that would lead us to one of the biggest blessings we have ever received."

"As we traveled the adoption journey, Katie was more than an adoption consultant; she was our friend, our biggest cheerleader, our voice of reason, a true testament of unwavering faith. I often return to an old email or text message from Katie to relive the moments that led us to where we are now.  I have no doubt that God used Katie in our lives to only help guide us to our beautiful son, but also to strengthen our faith in Him. We will be forever grateful for the example she provided, for the guidance that kept us going, and the expertise that helped us make decisions along the way. I am in awe of God's plan and so grateful that He led us to Katie and CAC. We are absolutely in love with our little man. It doesn’t seem real. He’s too good to be true, but that’s what God does!"

Grab some kleenex and watch this breathtaking video about their journey:

Congratulations, Eddie and Anna. You're right! God loves to do immeasurably more than we could even imagine!
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