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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Apple Orchard 2012

I am a sucker for traditions. I LOVE THEM.  I love having special things to look forward to each year, things we can count on and dream about and wait for.  A trip to the apple orchard kicked off our fall traditions...although this time we didn't actually pick any apples, but that's beside the point-we made a memory.

Addie's version of roping is to wind the rope around the ears...very resourceful!

My big four-year-old cutie lassoing away!

Tali would have bounced all day!

It was so much fun watching them laugh together.

My girl's got some rad hair!
Don't be fooled-Josh jumped, too...not with Titus!

Family trip down the big slide

Serious duck race competition

My little farmer

So excited that my daughter can take good photos!  Finally, some pictures of us together!

Can't get enough of snuggling our baby

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Amazing Generosity!

We're smiling pretty big around here these days!  You all are BLOWING US AWAY with your incredible generosity.  Josh and I were looking at all of the adoption funds that have come in, completely stunned and humbled!  We were talking about it and I said, "It's just so humbling because we COULD NOT have done this on our own.  We couldn't have!  There is just no way we would have been able to adopt on our own."

It brings me to tears again as I write, thinking about how generous so many of you have been.  Both friends and "friends of friends" and strangers and even couples who are raising funds for their own adoptions have given to us.  Thank you!  Thank you for loving Titus along with us and for helping us do what we could never have done on our own.  Thank you for helping us bring our little guy home to our family forever.  There are simply no words to adequately convey our thanks...

(Head on over to AdoptTogether to see how close we are to reaching our goal!!)

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