Monday, February 21, 2011

Part 3: How well do you know your pastors?

Question #3:  Which pastor or pastor's wife was gazing admiringly at a snow drift when a stranger briskly asked, "What are you?? From California or something?"

Answer:  This Iowa native, of course!  Sorry everyone, it's not my husband. He tries to avoid snowdrifts and pretends they aren't there. I, on the other hand, LOVE snow and can't not gaze at it. :)

Now, I know you're gonna love this next question!

Question #4:  Can you recognize your pastor by his shoes? (post your answers from top shoe to bottom shoe)

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13 Responses to “Part 3: How well do you know your pastors?”

  1. Tab, Jamie, are so predictable! :)

  2. Just to be different, I'll say Josh, Jamie, Tab. The middle one we're all sure of :-)

  3. Ang, I am cracking up over here at the fact that you just called Tab, "Tam." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hilarious typo!!!!!

  4. I tried to come up with something creative rather than being repetitive, but...Tab, Jamie, Josh.

  5. You tricked us!
    Shoes: Tab, Jamie, Josh

  6. I think it is Josh, Jamie, Tab

  7. Tab, Jamie, Josh...unless Tab and Josh switched shoes in order to trick us all:)

  8. Tab, Jamie, Josh....I think!

  9. I don't even know 2 out of the 3 and when I saw the picture first thing this morning, I thought Tab, Jamie, Josh. Process of thinking: If Jamie can eat that many plates of food, surely his shoe size has to measure up. Josh tensd to be more stylish and trendy than most men I know and that leaves Tab.
    So fun, Katie! What a great idea to further bond your church family together!
    By the way - if that window picture is from your house - beautiful window!

  10. Tab, Jamie, Josh. Sorry, Tab, but I can't imagine Josh in the top pair of shoes! :)

  11. Tab, Jamie, Josh,
    Tab, Jamie, Josh,
    Three Pastors in a row,
    Tab, Jamie, Josh.
    (sung to the tune of The Farmer and the Dell)

  12. HAHA! I'll be sure to greet him as such on Sunday. :) It would have been more like me if I'd said, "Tam, Jabie, Josh." That's really how I usually mess things up. Anybody know what speech disorder I have?

    Glad I could provide you with a good laugh!