Thursday, February 24, 2011

Part 5: How well do you know your pastors?

Question #5: Which pastor's wife thought, "He's too preppy for me," when she first met her future husband?

Answer:  Mrs. Angie Maxim! 

Yep.  Believe it or not, Jamie used to TUCK IN his shirt...EVERY single day.  TUCK IN, my friends.  Even his t-shirts.  Wow.  What more can we say about that?

And Jessy, you are so right.  When I first met Josh, I had a lot to say about him but none of it was about his clothes. :)  Everything about him was wonderful and perfect and exactly what I had been waiting for. I loved his style then and I love it now!  (Although, I really liked his sweater vests and I miss those.  It gave him sort of a "professorish" look.)

Question #6:  Which pastor was recently told by a barista at Starbucks, "You could totally open your own coffee shop if pastoring doesn't work out."  

(Let me hear your guess and a little about why you chose who you did!)

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7 Responses to “Part 5: How well do you know your pastors?”

  1. No way! I'd have thought Jamie was the least likely to be called "preppy"! :-)
    My guess for question 6, about the coffee shop, is Tab.

  2. My guess is Josh. And here are the reasons why:
    1) You wouldn't run a series and not have your husband be the answer to at least one of the questions.
    2) Josh already "liked" it on Facebook.
    3) Josh is a particular kind of guy, ya know, he's specific. I mean he told us about his breakfast parfaits that he makes and I tell ya what, he was pretty detailed. Not just detailed. Passionately detailed. And I can just about imagine your husband at Starbucks making conversations with the baristas and really, I mean REALLY getting into it. He probably even quoted some famous barista of old from his rolodex brain quoter. And they'd be impressed. And they'd tell him that, in fact, he could quit his day job if he wanted to. The end.

  3. Josh.

    The end.

    ;) Because he is so into culinary details like that! And raves about things. I can just see him cooking in that 2' by 2' kitchen in the apartment he and James shared, and going on and on about some fancy ingredient. :) And then of course they ate off cardboard boxes or something like that!

  4. My guess is Josh, because as Angie and Katie said, he is detailed and enthusiastic when talking about food/coffee (or anything really)!

  5. I have some insider knowledge here, from the old pre-office staff-meetings-at-Starbucks days. This has to be Josh, who claims he can identify just about any brew of Starbucks coffee blindfolded.

  6. Josh because
    -Jamie dosen't care enough about coffee to waste time talking about it.

    -Tab spends a lot of time at his home away from home...but I just don't see him running a Starbucks.

    -Josh is passionate about everything he likes...not just
    Jesus!:) He could totally use his knowledge of coffee as a bridge to the soul.