Saturday, February 19, 2011

How well do you know your pastors?

I hear funny things sometimes about what people perceive that pastors (and their wives for that matter) are really like.  For example, once I shared with some ladies about how I had gotten angry with my kids and wanted prayer.  One woman said, "Oh wow!  I always thought that a pastor's wife didn't struggle with sin."  I almost fell on the floor in shock.  Wouldn't that just be awesome?  Women everywhere would be knocking down seminary doors begging men to marry them.  (Isn't that a funny picture to think about?!  It makes me laugh just to imagine it.)

Then there are those who think that my husband only listens to classical hymns...because he's a pastor of course.  Or that we are perfect parents and our kids never disobey...because my husband is a pastor of course.  Let me burst the "pastor and pastor's wife as unhuman" bubble wide open.  We are just people like everyone else. :)  Those of you who have gotten to know us even a little bit are all too familiar with how human we really are.  There's nothing close to perfection going on here.  If anything, we're probably just a lot more weird than you think.  Weird?  Yes.  Perfect? No.

So over the next couple days I'll be testing your knowledge.  How well do you really know your sgc pastors and their wives?  Are we really who you think we are?

Question One:  Which pastor can consume unreal quantities of food at Sweet Tomatoes?

Answer:  If you guessed Jamie, you're right.  15 plates to be exact during this meal.  This apparently is nothing unusual for Jamie when he eats here.  Don't ya love how Angie just looks on and smiles?

Question #2:  Which pastor's wife once asked her husband, "Honey, is it ok if I make fun of you?" before proceeding to slam him?

Answer to be revealed tomorrow!

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7 Responses to “How well do you know your pastors?”

  1. 15?!? Unbelievable! And for your next question, definitely Sung! :-)

    What a fun series you're doing. I look forward to reading it.

  2. This is so fun! And, I am so dorky....but, nice picture of the food plates! :)

  3. It is totally Sung Trainor, she is the most thoughtful wife out there.

  4. Jamie Maxim no wonder you have such huge feet.
    The answer to the next question is most definitely Sung Trainor. Jodale

  5. Now friends, I am simply shocked that none of you think I would be so sweet as to ask such a question of my husband. I will try my best not to be offended...

  6. I know the answer is Sung because it was already brought up at a CG leader retreat last year or something. If I hadn't heard it I would have guessed you :)

  7. When I read question #2, I said, "That's totally Sung!"