Sunday, February 20, 2011

Part 2: How well do you know your pastors?

Question #2:  Which pastor's wife once asked her husband, "Honey, is it ok if I make fun of you?" before proceeding to slam him?

Answer: Sung (That was an easy one, right?  You all know that I'm far too bratty to ASK before slamming my husband. And Angie is definitely sweet but there's no one quite like our beloved Sung.)

Question #3:  Which pastor or pastor's wife was gazing admiringly at a snow drift when a stranger briskly asked, "What are you?? From California or something?"

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8 Responses to “Part 2: How well do you know your pastors?”

  1. Can I go with the obvious and guess Josh? As Mike says, is there another pastor who would contemplate a snowdrift?

  2. My son, surferboy Joshua, would definitely contemplate a snowdrift. They are beautiful from a distance (like say San Diego). All Philosophy majors love to contemplate.

    Love you Joshua!!!!!!

  3. I have to go with the obvious answer: Josh.

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  5. Going with Josh...I think overheard him speak of his complete dislike of the big snow storm:)

  6. I must say, being an Iowa native myself, I do adore a good snowdrift-- but nothing will top getting to witness Josh's first experience with an ice storm. That was a sight to behold. ~BK