Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Part 4: How well do you know your pastors?

Question #4:  Can you recognize your pastor by his shoes? (post your answers from top shoe to bottom shoe) 

Answer: Tab, Jamie, Josh!  ("WorkBoot Pastor" was pretty obvious but it was fun to hear your guesses for the other two!)

Here's the next question.  Post your answers below!

Question #5: Which pastor's wife thought, "He's too preppy for me," when she first met her future husband?

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9 Responses to “Part 4: How well do you know your pastors?”

  1. I'm thinking that was you, Katie.

  2. Katie Fenska - mark it down. BLK

  3. I think it was you too, Katie, but I also think that you won't be the answer to more than one question in your series. So now I have a dilemma. Oh dear....

    My guess: Angie. Final answer.

    (FYI I am chosing Angie by default since Sung was also already the answer to one question. I'm really thinking to long and hard about this, aren't I?)

  4. So Ben just voted at the same time as I did--but he's on the other side of the country--and apparently signed in under my name :)

  5. See, this is getting difficult now. I was thinking along the lines of Angie's comment, that since you and Sung have already been the answer to a question, it's Angie's turn. But, I wouldn't be surprised if it was you or Sung either....

    My guess is Angie.

  6. ok, I guess Angie...although I'm not sure "work boot pastor" is preppy...hmmmm...but I always thought you and Josh were a perfect style match...ok I'll stick with Angie...

  7. I say it is you, Katie Fenska!!

  8. I don't know...I was there when you first met your future husband, but I don't recall you saying anything about that. But - I am probably not remembering straight, because there was SO much more to remember that week!

  9. Hmm, this is a tough one. I think I'm going to guess Angie.