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Monday, March 18, 2013

Why You Should be Amazed By Her

This may have been the longest time I've ever gone between blog posts. I have about a hundred posts stored up in my brain that I've never actually written...maybe I never will.  But there's one that I just need to get out there:  I want to tell you a little bit about why you should love Titus' birthmom.

Titus' birthmom placed him for adoption BECAUSE SHE LOVES HIM.
I can't not cry as I think about this. (I cry about this regularly, actually!)  She carried him for nine long months.  She willingly gained weight, lost sleep, felt uncomfortable, etc. for a child she knew she was not going to raise.  Abortion surely made itself readily available to her and she could have ended his life but she chose not to.  She chose not to because she wanted him to have the opportunity at life.  She gave him life because of her selflessness.

Every time I kiss my baby's chubby cheeks-it's because of her sacrifice.  Every time I rock him and hold him close-it's because of her brave choice.  Every time I make him laugh-it's because she put his interests above her own.  Every single day, I think of Titus' beautiful birthmom and I love her so much that I just want to burst.  I want to hug her and tell her over and over and over that her/our little boy is just the most amazing and happy baby I've ever seen.  I want her to know that all of her sacrifices are worth it.  

There was a time, before we decided to adopt domestically, that I was so very scared of birthmoms. I didn't want to walk around fearing she'd come back or feeling like my baby was someone else's baby, too.  I didn't think birthoms were incredible...I judged them and feared them.  So if that's where you are right now, I get that; I really do.  But this side of the adoption, all of that just seems utterly ridiculous.  I wouldn't even be Titus' mom-Titus wouldn't even be alive at all if it were not for her courageous love.  

I mean...I have my baby boy sleeping in the room next to me right now because of her selflessness.  I can't help but be amazed by her.  I think you should be, too.

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