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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fleeting and Beautiful

They are so little.  She’s four-and-a-half, full of wonder and awe and ready to explore and pretend and create fun wherever she goes.  He’s three-and-a-half, all boy but with a twist of tender, ready to play cars and ball and learn how to surf...even in Wisconsin.  Little lady is nineteen months; she’s bursting with energy and laughter and brightness and mischief, loving the sand and the water (especially drinking it).

Three small sweet people.  Three little souls entrusted to our care for a short time.  I want to savor each moment with them on this trip.  Last year, I was so sick that life, in general was just a blur.  Last year, Addie Beth wasn’t even crawling yet & our schedule worked around her naps and feedings.  Owen was just getting potty trained.  Tali still took naps.  They’ve grown so much and something about being with them on vacation just makes me more aware than usual of all the growing that’s happened.

What is it about sensing the passing of time that just makes a mother’s heart ache?  I’m swallowing hard as I write, remembering years past in this place and knowing those moments can’t be repeated.  That’s it, I think; it’s that these days are so unforgiving, so relentless like a sunset that, no matter how hard you try to slow it, just keeps slipping away into the night.  That’s how the days fly by as a mama of three small children-beauty to be savored that just keeps on slipping by.

So it might only be Sunday, just barely the beginning of this vacation, but I’m gonna get all sentimental even now at the start in hopes that I can magically freeze time, or at least freeze it with my lens.  Today, I will live up these moments that He’s amazingly given AWAKE and AWARE that they are gifts to praise Him for.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

One of My Favorite Verses

But I trust in You, O LORD; I say, "You are my God."  
My times are in Your hand...

Praying this verse for our family today and so grateful to know that it really is true.  God holds each of our days in His hands, guiding them with His steadfast love.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sweet Stories from our Garage Sale

As I think back on the garage sale last Saturday, my mind doesn't first go to the money (though I'm so grateful for God's provision) or to the work (though I'm still really tired!).  My thoughts go first to faces and conversations that I had with strangers, conversations that I will never forget.

One woman shared with me a bit of her adoption journey; several failed IVFs, multiple miscarriages, and one foster care license later, she and her husband pursued adoption.  They came into contact with an older boy that was from another country, had been adopted by a U.S. family, and then was put into the foster care system because his adoptive family decided they couldn't handle him.  This woman and her husband brought the son into their home to foster, then chose to adopt him despite numerous challenges.  After that, 2 more sweet kids from the foster care system came to live with them and they are in the processes of adopting them as well.  I watched this woman, little children lovingly pulling and jumping and crawling all over her, look over her shoulder at me and say, "You can't love your stuff and your kids, too!"  Compelling.

Another woman that had adopted transracially through a domestic adoption stopped by with her beautiful son who obviously adored his mommy.  She left me her info and invited me to a monthly hang-out time at her house for adoptive families.

An adorable little girl and her mama came by.  The little girl had been adopted domestically (from Aurora) and had been united with her family since the very day that she was born.  When I asked her mom what advice she could pass along to me at these beginning stages she smiled and said, "Patience.  It takes a lot of patience to go through this process."  Then she looked at her daughter, beaming, and said, "But it's worth it."

Later in the day, a 15 year-old girl waited to talk with me while others made their purchases.  She shyly and quietly shared a piece of her heart.  "I saw your signs and had to come.  My mom adopted me from Hungary when I was just a baby.  My life has never been the same.  I've always thought it takes some really special people to adopt.  I've never had to wonder if my mom loves me; I know she does because she went through so much to get me!  I just wanted to tell you that..."  Tears still come to my eyes as I remember her smile.  How different might her life have been if she had not been adopted?

Talking about adoption, saving money, having a garage sale-all of it seems so surreal sometimes.  Will we really ever bring these children home?  The obstacles can seem so huge at times. But then I think about the people I met on Saturday. I'm reminded that there are REAL children with REAL names that don't have a mom or a dad.  Real lives that do not know Jesus and don't have anyone to tell them.  Real children without any hope.  Someday, by God's power and grace, 2 of those will be ours forever and they will never be orphans again.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Amazingly Blessed: God's Generosity

God faithfully blessed our garage sale today!  
He kept the rain away, brought people to our sale despite the gloomy weather, and gave us awesome success!!  We're so grateful for all of the help, prayers, and support of so many of you.  Are you curious about what kind of $ we ended up with?
Ya ready for this?  We made around $1100 from the sale and then were stunned by the incredible generosity of friends that brought our grand total for the day to...$3027.  Is that amazing, or what?!  We are marveling at God's provision for us.  He is so faithful.  He is so worthy of praise! I cannot get over the fact that God loves our little ones so much that He will use whatever means He wants to bring them home to us.  (Even a garage sale.)  What a relentless love!
This day would not have been possible without you!  Thank you so much for donating your stuff, making posters, lending tables, helping price & sort, baking, helping me during the sale, coming out to shop, tearing stuff down, and most of all, for loving us and praying for this day.  We have tangibly felt your love and support for us.  How can we thank you enough?  Words can't express our gratitude.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Garage Sale Details!

Our adoption fundraiser garage sale is next Saturday from 8am-4pm!  We're so excited to see how the Lord's going to use this to help us in our adoption.  Here are the details for when to drop off your stuff, opportunities to help, some insider info on what's being sold, etc:

Drop Off Times:
(Come over and drop off your donated items at any of the following times; no need to call first.)
Monday 2pm-7pm
Tuesday 2pm-5pm
Wednesday 8am-12 or 2-8pm
Thursday 8am-5pm

Garage Sale Help Schedule:
(This is the tentative schedule for the day, but I would love to have more help!  Ideally, it would be great to have 2-3 people during each spot to help by sitting at the bake-sale table, straightening up the clothing tables, and whatever else comes up.  If you're interested in helping with one of the time-slots below, just leave me a comment in this post telling me what slot you want!)
Set-up at 6am:  Hubby, Aaron, Heather, Hanna, Andrea, Jodi
9:00-11:30:  Aleece, Hanna
11:30-2:00: Poel girls   
2:00-4:00: Kim 
4:00-4:30 Takedown Crew: Dad, Pronovost boys

Wanna' come shop?  Here's some of what we will be selling:
Furniture (including a toddler bed, table, dresser, changing table and Eddie Bauer bassinet), tons of clotheing sizes newborn-5T, adult clothing, kids/adult shoes, toys, children's books, infant swing, tricycles, electronics, kitchen items, decor, etc. Everything is in excellent condition.  Come do some shopping and help us bring our little one(s) home!!! 

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