Monday, August 1, 2011

Little Kids and a Big Day

Once upon a time, three little children dreamed all summer long about the Big Day.  The anticipation was palpable in their home each Monday as they asked their parents, "Is it today?  Are we going today?!"  Then one hot summer morning, they heard the words they'd been longing to hear.  "It's Train Day!"

With smiles and nerves they quickly walked to the station, their minds and mouths filled with questions about the ride that lay ahead.

They could hardly believe their eyes when they saw the big shiny train, waiting for them to board.  They quickly climbed up the stairs and searched for the perfect seats.

The little boy sat right by the window and stared in wonder.  It was even better than he had imagined!

The baby wasn't quite sure about all the noise, but she looked up at her mommy and said with determination, "I won't scared train, Mama.  Chugga-chugga choo-choo!"

The big girl was her usual cheerful self, alternating between looking out the window, chatting with her mommy, and playing with the multitude of toys she had brought along.

The children enjoyed each and every minute but before they knew it, the train stopped. They headed out into the hot sunny world.

Thankfully, they found a fountain to splash their hands into for a while, cooling them down just a teeny bit.

But they were still hot so they decided to search for a spot to rest a while.  They found a fun, refreshing place where they drank smoothies and played a fast-paced game of Bingo with their daddy.  (The big sister won.)

Sitting still wasn't quite the baby's cup of tea, so they left in search of bigger and better adventures.

It didn't take long to find one; a huge toy-store was right down the street!  But this wasn't just any toy store.  There were tables set up all around with opened toys for them to play with.  They could hardly believe their eyes!

After they played for a little while, they left the store with special surprises from their daddy and mommy.

The family headed back to the station.  Soon, they discovered that their train would be a little late so they made themselves comfortable.

The big kids happily sat near the tracks and peered into the distance, waiting and watching for the big train to appear.

Finally, it arrived! They eagerly climbed aboard another shiny Metra and headed back home, saddened that Train Day had already come and gone.  The children stared out the windows, thinking about all of the exciting adventures they had had, and wondering what magical things awaited them in the Mondays to come.

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15 Responses to “Little Kids and a Big Day”

  1. Best post ever. Best family ever! Love you!

  2. Katie this is just awesome!!! What great captured memories you have that will last a lifetime!!! You have made an amazing little family and the joy of life just jumps of those little's faces!!!

  3. That is just too magical!! I bet they will want to read this post over and over!! Make it into one of those books, you crazy mom, you.

  4. this...LOVE seeing the picture of you with the kids. Miss you my friend and wish I could hug all your babies!

  5. beautiful pictures! Love that you got some of all of you...and especially love the one of your little ones with their pretty mommy. They will treasure those pictures, I'm sure!

    After our train trip, my boys played train e.v.e.r.y. day for WEEKS. They now lecture me about types of trains. :)

  6. This made me cry! So beautiful photographed and communicated! What a treasured memory. <3

  7. This made me cry! So beautifully photographed and communicated! What a treasured memory. <3

  8. I LOVE every single one of those photos and the beautiful story to go with it! I agree, make it into a mini photo book, like a 7x9 or something! The kids would love to look back through it again and again!

  9. I can see that being played at their weddings....yup! it will come sooner than you think! Nicely done!

  10. Wonderful day!
    Especially love the family picture on the chair! Someday maybe they will make it into the BIG CITY! What a sequel that will be!

  11. Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! Amazing and FUN!! Definitely need to print it into one of those lil books like your momma said. Also, we need to chat about boy haircuts! Owen's hair is so cute right now! I keep going to these cheap-o places...poor gav!

  12. Lovely, Katie! Like Sarah, I particularly like the pic of you with the kids.

  13. What a wonderful memory! I love it!

  14. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Love it all. How old is your oldest now?

  15. Such a sweet story! (I found your blog through your comment on Nancy Wilson's blog:-)
    You and I have quite a bit in common...minister's wife, stay at home momma, blogger and photographer. It was nice peeking into your midwest world!