Saturday, July 12, 2014

Congratulations, Joshua and Mary Beth!

I'm not going to pretend I understand everything about our adoption story. I especially don't know why God chose to have us walk through some heartache before wildly blessing us with our baby boy. But I do know that our tears have given me a unique blessing of the opportunity to compassionately pray for, encourage, and walk alongside couples experiencing similar adoption heartbreak. That's what initially connected me with Joshua and Mary Beth. And now their day of rejoicing has come!!!

When I got to know Joshua and Mary Beth through Christian Adoption Consultants, a couple of things struck me right away. First, their desire to love even when it hurts was unmistakable. The fact that they'd had some hard waves in their adoption journey did not keep them from opening wide their hearts to love big. And next, their determination to pray for and love their baby's birthmom was brilliantly on display. Assisting Tracie Loux in their adoption journey was an incredible privilege and I'm so thankful to know this beautiful couple. And goodness! Both of their daughters are just adorable!

More of their story is re-posted below from Tracie's blog with permission:
In a moment. A breath. Life.
A destiny comes alive.

A little girl becomes a daughter.
A man and a woman choose to become father and mother.

A blonde haired, blue-eyed beauty, becomes a sister with joy in her smile.
A dark eyed, raven haired tiny wonder will be loved and cherished forever.

In February, as a Valentine’s Day gift to themselves, Joshua and Mary Beth started working with me.
Their hearts were flung wide open to whatever God had for their family.
On May 20th, they were MATCHED. An amazing woman looked at their profile and said, “Their life is obviously faith based and it is obvious that the two of them share a great love. I love how they met! I also love how they keep in contact with their other child’s birth mom and how they speak of her with such love and honor. I am 100% sure of them. I would like to talk to them this week.”
And that is how a match is made.
And this little wonder was born on July 3rd. Another fast adoption!
And this is what Mary Beth shared about the amazing woman who gave their daughter the gift of life,“We love E’s birth mom. She is brave and strong. She had one goal in mind from the the very beginning – to give her daughter a bright future no matter how hard it would be on her. She was determined and made selfless decisions that have changed the course of E’s life. When we talked to her over the phone for the first time, Josh and I quickly decided that our mission during this whole process was to give her as much love and support along the way as we could. We watched a young girl walk this road before, and we knew the mountain of emotion and pain that birth mom would have to climb and we wanted to walk right along side of her the whole way.”
Mary Beth has given me permission to share the full story from her own personal blog, feel free to pop over to “Be Joyful In All Things”.
For more information about domestic adoption, please contact me at!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Congratulations, David and Amber!

Dave and Amy adopted their daughter a couple of months before Josh and I brought home our little guy. I was thrilled when I found out earlier this year that I'd be assisting their dear friends, David and Amber, as they began working with their CAC adoption consultant, Tracie Loux.

As I started to get to know them through working on their family profile, I was blown away by David and Amber's selflessness. They clearly were eager to add to their family through the gift of adoption, but their focus wasn't on having a baby. Their focus was really on seeking to trust in God's timing and on loving and praying for the woman that would be their little one's birthmom. 

My faith has been strengthened so much as I watched this sweet couple walk out true Christ-reflecting love. They had a breathtaking trust in His loving plans. "We want His will to be done, whatever that may be," Amber texted me multiple times. Their story is beautiful and so is their son!

More of their whirlwind journey is re-posted below with permission from Tracie's blog:

It’s TORNADO SEASON and many adoptions happen much like a WHIRLWIND!
Everything is still and quiet and then BAM, it changes in a moment.
David and Amber started with CAC in mid-February, their home study was completed June 17th, and on June 26th they heard about a baby that needed a family. They said, “YES” and waited.
On Monday, they found out they were MATCHED, and that they had to get on a plane pronto because baby was on his way!
The social worker with the agency told them that she had maybe only seen such a strong, instant connection like that between an adoptive family and a birth family once before. She said she was just amazed by the connection!
They welcomed this little man, and the amazing woman who gave him the gift of life,  into their lives and nothing will ever be the same.
I am so honored to have been part of this family’s journey. They have walked through some incredible up’s and down’s in the past few days and they have surrendered the journey to the Lord with every step.
His ways are perfect and His plans are good!
For more information about how we can help you in your domestic adoption journey, please contact me at!

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Congratulations, CJ and Andrea!

I had the great privilege of assisting CJ and Andrea in their adoption journey (alongside their adoption consultant, Tracie Loux). From my very first phone call with Andrea, I could tell that they were incredibly ready. They had prayed about adoption, talked about adoption, and thought about adoption for quite a while before starting their journey and were so ready for God to bring them their child. They really hoped that their wait would be short. And short it was!

I finished creating CJ and Andrea's family profile (the book that expectant mothers see when deciding which family they want to raise their little one) in May right before their homestudy was completed. Less than a month after they sent in their applications to agencies, they got a call about the little one that was soon to be their son.

I had the honor of praying with them over the phone the night before they flew out to meet their baby. I will never forget their sheer delight and awe at God's beautiful, mysterious ways, and I will never forget the depth of love and gratitude they expressed for their child's birthmom. Their hearts were just as full of love for her as they were full of love for their baby boy. 

CJ and Andrea, it was such a privilege to watch God's beautiful plans for your adoption story unfold.

More of their story is re-posted below with permission from Tracie's blog:

A little boy was born. He needed a family to come quickly.
A beautiful couple received a call.
They said “yes”.
Their “yes” was met with a, “Come now. Come get your son."
They took him into their arms and called him their own.
They became his safe place.
It is a miracle every single time.
One God writes in the pages of history.
C.J. and Andrea contacted us in early April, by late May their home study was complete, and they put their applications in the mail on May 29th!
Last week, they were on vacation near the city where this little man was born.
They finished up their vacation and got home just in time to get AN AMAZING PHONE CALL that had them repacking and headed back to get him!
I can’t even imagine how much excitement there is at home right now, as these precious little ones wait for their new baby brother to come home!
Congratulations C.J. and Andrea! What a wild ride. So happy God was leading the charge!
For more information about domestic adoption, please contact me at

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Is Using An Adoption Consultant Worth The Money (Guest Post)

I am so blessed to be able to watch God work in the lives of couples pursuing adoption. Mary Beth and Josh have such hearts of love and faith. They were with their agency for a while before deciding to widen their options by starting with Christian Adoption Consultants. It's a delight for me to serve them alongside their consultant, Tracie Loux. Mary Beth kindly wrote this letter to those of you considering whether or not it's worth the money to work with CAC.

Dear friends considering CAC-

My husband and I came to to the conclusion that we had to take the adoption of our second child a step further when our home agency started offering reimbursement for families who would hire consultants. We were defeated, frustrated, and ready to grow our family. We shared our heartbreak over this process with our small group at church and immediately a friend suggested looking into CAC. It did not take much convincing after reading the success stories and talking with Tracie.

Working with Tracie and Katie has been exactly what our hearts needed. Their level of professionalism blew us away. The adoption world holds a lot of question marks and uncertainty, but these two women find a way to answer your questions, check in frequently, and help speak to your heart during the wait. Their faith and trust in The Lord throughout the process has encouraged us and reminded us that God has the perfect baby in mind for OUR family. Without their help, I am not sure we would have endured this road to adopting our second child much longer.

If I could encourage someone who isn't sure hiring a consultant is worth the money, I would tell them absolutely positively this is the best money you can spend to help build your family. Yes, adoption is expensive. Yes, this is one more added expense, but it is the best way to go hands down. From the exposure your family receives on a weekly basis to the care and concern from the consultants, this a must for families serious about adoption. This is an investment our family made that we will never regret and 
                                                                   I hope that you can do the same.

Thank you, MaryBeth! I can't wait to see all of God's beautiful plans for your family continue to unfold.

Contact me at for more information!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Linnea's Experience With CAC (Guest Post)

A little over a year ago, a dear friend who lives all the way in Africa sent me a FB message introducing me to another friend of hers who...go figure...happens to live in my community! Soon, I met Linnea and quickly struck up a friendship over motherhood, Jesus, and adoption. I now have the joy of serving her family on their adoption journey, alongside their amazing consultant, Tracie Loux.

Linnea kindly agreed to guest post today about her experience with Christian Adoption Consultants. Thank you, Linnea!

"If you are considering using an adoption consultant, I’d love to share about my experience with Katie and Tracie at Christian Adoption Consultants. 

As soon as we signed up, we were welcomed into an online support group with a membership that includes adoptive parents whose collective experience is invaluable for any question or concern that might come up. Plus, the consultants weigh in, too. People post questions about money, travel, birth family relationships, adoptive breastfeeding, and so much more. I’ve seen answers to questions I would not have even thought to ask. As people have posted about their experiences, I’ve gained an education as to how adoption works and what types of joys and trials I may have in my future.  I know that no matter what twists and turns come in our adoption journey, we will not be alone. And, I know there is a whole network of families that are praying for us.

The two major items every adoptive family must have to start the infamous “waiting stage” are a completed home study and a profile. Katie helped us pick an agency for our home study that aligns with our family values. We chose to create our own profile (CAC offers this service), but Katie gave us an example to use as a prototype and provided valuable feedback when we had a draft ready.

Now that we are “home study ready,” we rely on Katie and Tracie more than ever. CAC has contacts and connections all over the country. Tracie uses those contacts and lets us know about situations that might match our family. She’s advised us about which agencies and lawyers are best to work with. Instead of choosing just one agency, we have our home study and profile out to three agencies and three lawyers. We hope this means we won’t have to wait as long to bring our baby home.

When you are an adoptive family, it can feel at times like you are powerless. Agencies and lawyers set out hoops and you busy yourself by jumping through them. Of course, it is very important for a woman making an adoption plan to supported and counseled. But, with Tracie and Katie, I feel like we have experts supporting and counseling us. We need that. When considering different situations, we can ask our consultants anything and discuss any concerns we have. They have been able to get information and updates for us that we would never be able to request on our own. 

The personal attention that Katie gives us has meant so much to us. She’s been through this. She knows how we feel. She’s feeling it with us again. She’s praying for us. She’s helping us. She’s rooting for us.

So, if you feel like you could use a guide, a support-network, someone with connections, an advocate, a counselor, an encourager, and a prayer warrior on your team as you take your adoption journey, then I recommend Christian Adoption Consultants."

Thank you, Linnea! I'm so grateful to be on this journey along with you!

Contact me at for more information!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What I Know Now and Wished I Would Have Known Then (Guest Post)

I'm so grateful to Amber for writing this guest post today! Mark and Amber are an incredibly sweet and thoughtful waiting adoptive couple. I have the privilege of serving them alongside their adoption consultant, Tracie Loux. Amber has some very helpful thoughts for those who have considered CAC but aren't sure if it's worth it.

"What I Know Now and Wished I Would Have Known Then"
(by Amber)

It has been a 9 year journey to know God's child for us and I anticipated another Mother's Day would come and go without meeting our child.  It is one of those days that bring mixed emotions when you long to be a mother.  I passed through the hallways at church and avoided the long line where children handed out carnations to all the mothers.  Everyone who doesn't know about your journey wishes you a "Happy Mother's Day" and you graciously say "Thank You", not wanting to share the story of your longing for a child.   Although this Mother's Day we were still waiting for the baby The Lord will bless us with, we had something else, we had hope and peace.  You see, a few weeks prior we made the decision to work with Christian Adoption Consultants.

Working with Christian Adoption Consultants has been the best decision we have made in our journey to be parents.  What a blessing it has been working with Katie and Tracie.  After waiting 6 months with my prior agency and becoming extremely disheartened, a friend suggested that I consider a consultant.  She had used CAC to help bring home her beautiful baby girl and always sings their praises.  Initially, I shot down the idea thinking that it would just be more fees in an already expensive adoption process.  After all, I'd been working four jobs for many years to finance our adoption and had budgeted down to the penny.  After a little research I realized it wasn't as costly as I believed. I know now it is SO worth every cent.  I wish I would have known about them from the beginning.  I was amazed how quickly we were provided multiple opportunities to show our profile to sweet birth moms.  We finally had choices as opposed to remaining at one agency hoping and praying for that one phone call that never came.  In addition to connecting me with thoughtful agencies, the assistance I have received has been invaluable.  It’s like being enveloped with support on this beautiful, stressful, emotional, roller coaster ride they call adoption.  

Unsolicited, on this Mother's Day I received the following text message from Katie.  It stated, "I'm praying for you today, that God would comfort your heart in the painful wait to be a mommy. Praying that He would bring your child home to you soon!"  She later told me that I "already have a mother's heart of love."  Finally......someone who gets it!

Thank you Christian Adoptions Consultants and a special thanks to Katie and Tracie for walking alongside us in this process and being a part of our dream.  I am forever grateful!

Thank YOU, Amber! I can't wait to watch God's beautiful plans for your family continue to unfold!


Contact me at for more information!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

CAC Summer Consulting Special

Christian Adoption Consultants is committed to helping families realize their dreams and answer God’s call to add to their family through adoption.  With that in mind, we’re pleased to offer a summer special! We will be offering 10% off all full service consulting packages. (This discount does not apply to our Do It Yourself Program or Special Needs Program and may not be combined with any other discounts.) This discount applies to all applications received from June 2nd-6th. We only offer discounts like this a few times a year – don’t miss out! 

Please email me at to help you get started. I have the joy of working on the CAC team as Tracie Loux's assistant and would be delighted to serve your family alongside Tracie as you begin your adoption journey!

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