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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some Owey Quotes

Our little sweet boy is full of words these days. He's just recently started speaking in sentences more than just small phrases. Here are a couple of my faves:

Oh Mommy! So cite-een! So cite-een! See gah-bidg man!

Whenever we ask him if he wants a snack or some food, he'll say with great excitement in his voice, "Oh yahs!"

Josh taught him what jazz music is and now Owen wants to listen to "Jas music." The first time Josh played a Duke Ellington cd for him, he listened for a bit and then shouted, "I LOVE it!" A couple minutes after Josh had turned it off, Owey sadly asked, "Pee-ah-no go? Dums?"

This one kind of shocks me but he's also started coming up to me at appropriate times and saying, "I poopy, Mommy. Change me."

I was chopping up some tomatoes for dinner tonight and Owey looked up and said, "What you cook-een, Mommy?" And then during dinner to Josh he broke out a question that I will often pose to my husband while we dine, "What you tink-een (thinking) bout?"

Every time I give him something to eat, whether it's one more strawberry or a plate-full of food, he always says, "Tank you, Mommy."

He's also started talking with Tali a lot more. If he sees her playing with something interesting, he'll often plop down on the floor beside her and say sweetly, "Can I pay, Tah-ee?"

And the phrases he says most often are:
No, peas (please), Mommy.
Have it!
Daddy, ware ah you, Daddy?
May pie (I) peas?
Go ow-side!
Have snack!
Go new van!

We head to Door County on Sunday. I can't wait to see what he has to say during our time there. And we can't help but think of Tali's famous phrases that emerged during our vacation there last year:
"What a bess-een!" and "I NEED finch-fyes!"

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