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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Adoption Story: Daniel and Mae

Saying "yes" to God when He leads you down the path of adoption usually means saying "yes" to a journey filled with some twists and turns you could never have imagined. Sometimes the twists and turns bring with them beautiful surprises. Sometimes they bring with them unknowns and completely different scenery than you anticipated journeying through. But for Daniel and Mae, saying "yes" to adoption meant saying "yes" to trusting God, whatever twists and turns would come along the way.

Daniel and Mae started with Christian Adoption Consultants way back in July of 2012. Right away they had a happy bend in the road. They put their adoption plans on hold when they found out that Mae was pregnant. Fast forward about two years later. Daniel and Mae renewed their homestudy and were ready to follow wherever God led them. 

They applied to agencies with CAC's assistance in July of 2014 and about a month later, they got the call that they had been praying for. They were matched! A brave woman had chosen them to be the parents of her baby boy, a little guy who was due in the winter. 

As they waited for the months to pass, more twists in the road kept coming; some unknowns, including some potential health concerns for the baby and the possibility of a NICU stay, loomed on the horizon. This was not what they had expected to encounter along their way. They prayed, they sought counsel from others, and ultimately they trusted God, knowing He had led them down the bumpy path exactly where they were walking.

Then, a month before their son's due date, they got another call-a huge exciting turn in the road; their son was about to be born...a month early! They rushed to make arrangements and headed to meet him, praying for him all along the way. All of the unknowns, all of the bumps and twists and uncertain terrain had led them straight to that day. Healthy and happy, this little guy ended up NOT needing a NICU stay at all!

He spent his due date at home with his daddy and mommy and siblings, being loved and adored. And all of those twists and turns along the road to their son? Mae shared with me, "I want people to hear God's story of purpose, redemption, and healing through our son's story! Our son ended up in our family from the Lord's clear leading."

The road of adoption is rarely straight but there is One who knows where He's leading. And wherever He leads, we can be sure He will be there with us all along the way!
Right now is a great time to get started with CAC! Any new families who sign up between January 1 and 9 will receive $100 off of our full service consulting packages (does not apply to our self-serve consulting package, returning families, or special needs consulting packages).

For more information about adoption, please contact me at I'd love to help you on your adoption journey!

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Eddie and Anna: Finalization Day

Near the end of the summer, Eddie and Anna welcomed their son through a beautiful whirlwind adoption. You can read about their amazing story here. I am still brought to tears as I think about God's miraculous work as He answered such specific prayer requests in their adoption journey! Recently they celebrated the finalization of their little guy's adoption and shared these pictures, amazing video, and kind words with me about their experience working with Christian Adoption Consultants.

Anna shares:

"You know those moments where an overwhelming peace takes over and you can't help but smile because you know you got it right? That's exactly how I felt when I first talked with Katie. It was clear that CAC would be the path that would lead us to one of the biggest blessings we have ever received."

"As we traveled the adoption journey, Katie was more than an adoption consultant; she was our friend, our biggest cheerleader, our voice of reason, a true testament of unwavering faith. I often return to an old email or text message from Katie to relive the moments that led us to where we are now.  I have no doubt that God used Katie in our lives to only help guide us to our beautiful son, but also to strengthen our faith in Him. We will be forever grateful for the example she provided, for the guidance that kept us going, and the expertise that helped us make decisions along the way. I am in awe of God's plan and so grateful that He led us to Katie and CAC. We are absolutely in love with our little man. It doesn’t seem real. He’s too good to be true, but that’s what God does!"

Grab some kleenex and watch this breathtaking video about their journey:

Congratulations, Eddie and Anna. You're right! God loves to do immeasurably more than we could even imagine!
For more information about adoption, please contact me at I'd love to help you on your adoption journey!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

He's Seven Today

I remember so many things about that day, seven years ago, when Owen was born.
Cutting toast into little squares for my adorable 13 month old who had a nasty stomach bug.
A scary stat ultrasound to check why my baby wasn't responding to the non-stress test.
Standing in Walmart trying to find CastorOil and Gatorade.
Getting a call from Hanna asking if anything was happening and grumpily telling her, "no."
Eating the meal Andrea brought, feeling sick every 2 minutes and not realizing I was in labor.
Heading to the hospital feeling extremely annoyed that Josh wasn't driving faster.
Standing at the nurses' station suffering through contractions while they sllloooowly admitted me.
Then, finally in a room, my first epidural, and not long after, a beautiful baby boy in my arms.
Joshua Owen. So sweet. So quiet. And so loved.

Today my baby turns seven. And I hope I always remember this day, too.
How we asked him how old he was and he said, "six" until he grinned, suddenly remembering!
How he beamed when he looked at his legos and got straight to work building.
How he happily let his older sister help him, side by side at the table constructing.
How he sang Christmas carols while he looked at his new toys.
How he told me this is the best day ever.

I don't take this for granted..the gift of seven years with our son. My heart hurts today knowing that so many mamas I love have not had one year or four years or more with their baby, let alone seven. So today as I'm soaking in his sevenness as a gift, I'm also praying for comfort for those whose hearts hurt, breathing in this day and thanking God for these moments I want to remember forever.

Happy 7th birthday, buddy! You are an absolute gift to us.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy Finalization!

You may remember me posting about CJ and Andrea's miracle story a couple of months ago. They recently sent me these BEAUTIFUL pictures of their happy finalization day and shared a bit about their journey with Christian Adoption Consultants! Andrea shares in her own words below...

"We recently adopted with the help of Tracie Loux and Katie Fenska. We had never heard of an adoption consultant before starting the adoption process, but the way we discovered CAC was too much of a God thing to not give it a look." 

"After speaking with our local adoption agency, who said it would take us at least two years to be matched given the fact that we have three biological children, and looking at CACs statistics, we decided that their services would be well worth the money in the long run." 

"As first time adoptive parents, their support and encouragement as we navigated through this new and confusing process was such a blessing. It was clear while working with various agencies that they have a huge respect for CAC and in turn their clients."

"And that two year wait? We started our process at the beginning of April 2014 and had our sweet boy in our arms on June 27 2014. We loved working with CAC and would us their services again in a heartbeat!"
Congratulations to your sweet family! It was such a privilege to watch God's beautiful ways unfold in your adoption journey!

For more information on domestic adoption, contact me at

Christian Adoption Consultants is offering a 10% discount on all it's full service domestic consulting packages from Oct. 29-Nov.7. Any new families who sign on during that window will receive 10% off the full service packages. (This discount does not apply to the "Do It Yourself Program" and may not be combined with any other discounts). We only offer discounts like this a few times a year. Don't miss out!

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

An Adoption Story: Mark and Amber

Mark and Amber came to Christian Adoption Consultants in May, already very worn from waiting. Nine years of waiting to become parents together and six months of that time spent waiting with a local agency where they were not having their profile shown. Understandably, they were tired and beginning to feel hopeless. But the God of hope was not done with their story.

Using our multi-agency approach, they started presenting their profile to expectant mothers, beginning to feel hope rise. And then, one month after signing on with CAC they got the call that they had been chosen!

For the next four months, Mark and Amber invested their very hearts in the man and woman who had chosen them...spending time with them, building a relationship with them, and praying for them. As is often the case with adoption, it was not without difficulty or tears. Waiting to be matched is a hard thing.  But sometimes the unknowns while you wait for that child to be born can be even more challenging.

Amber writes:

"As much as I trusted him, at times I was overcome with fear and doubt. "What if's" crept in and I could barely put one foot in front of the other. It's so easy to trust when you see the end picture but when adversity comes your way you question things. Thankfully, our God is so much bigger and more faithful than the what if's and questions because he loves us, provides for us, and works for our good."

Mark and Amber held on to the God of hope, believing that He was there with them. And then one day in September, their beautiful daughter was born.

Amber shares:

"I could write a book about the amazing providential things that occurred throughout our journey to know our daughter. I can still barely wrap my mind around it all. I am finally a Mommy and not just any Mommy, but a Mommy to an amazing child who God predestined and entrusted to us.  Oh how I have longed for that title, Praise God!"

Years of waiting. Countless prayers. And hope in a God that did not disappoint. Praise God indeed!

(Photos courtesy of Lizvette Wreath Photography)

For more information on domestic adoption, contact me at

Christian Adoption Consultants is offering a 10% discount on all it's full service domestic consulting packages from Oct. 29-Nov.7. Any new families who sign on during that window will receive 10% off the full service packages. (This discount does not apply to the "Do It Yourself Program" and may not be combined with any other discounts). We only offer discounts like this a few times a year. Don't miss out!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Adoption Story: Matt and Laura

Matt and Laura's adoption journey has been a beautiful story of God's faithfulness. They had some ideas about how they thought their story might unfold, but they were committed to being open to whatever plans God had for them. They wanted His way and not their own. And His ways, as they often are, were surprising and beautiful!

In February, Matt and Laura got started with CAC and I got to know this sweet couple as I began working on their adoption profile book. Their gratitude towards God for adopting them into His family was so evident. And so was their desire to follow His leading in their adoption journey, whatever that looked like. 

They were home-study ready near the end of June and then, less than a month later, they heard about a baby boy that would be born soon. His brave birthparents were making an adoption plan. It was a complicated situation and the details were different than what they'd envisioned...there would be sacrifice involved...a NICU stay...they would miss the first day of school for their other 4 littles ones. But Matt and Laura prayed and prayed, wanting to follow however God led. And He led them to put their "yes" on the table. They were chosen and less than a month later, their precious son was in their arms!

Laura spent many weeks away from home while they loved on their sweet son in the NICU. Adoption is not easy and the raw depth of emotions involved in a NICU stay can be so very difficult. But Matt and Laura clung to God's faithfulness and knew that their son was worth it. Here are a couple of Laura's texts to me in the long, hard days in the NICU:

"God is so faithful! God provides, and when we feel discouraged He gives us glimpses of His vast love for us if we are just willing to see them. It is just a long and hard process, but it's what we have to go through to get this precious gift healthy and home!"

"I pray that through this journey Christ's grace has shone through. I have surely been weak at times, but ultimately, because of God's grace I see His beautiful love for me as His adopted child."

"It has been amazing and beautiful and heart wrenching. I'm so thankful that God brought us on this journey."

Matt and Laura, it has been such an honor to watch you follow God's leading in your adoption journey. I am in awe of His perfect plans for your beautiful family!

For more information on domestic adoption, contact me at

Christian Adoption Consultants is offering a 10% discount on all it's full service domestic consulting packages October 29th through November 7th. Any new families who sign on during that window will receive 10% off the full service packages. (This discount does not apply to the "Do It Yourself Program" and may not be combined with any other discounts). We only offer discounts like this a few times a year. Don't miss out!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

National Adoption Month Discount

Fall is upon us and the end of the year is just around the corner. Maybe earlier in the year you told yourself that this would be the year that you finally started the adoption process.

Maybe you got busy. Maybe you didn't know where to start. Whatever the case, there is still time to get the ball rolling in this calendar year, and we want to help by making it a more affordable!

Christian Adoption Consultants is offering a 10% discount on all it's full service domestic consulting packages October 29th through November 7th. Any new families who sign on during that window will receive 10% off the full service packages. (This discount does not apply to the "Do It Yourself Program" and may not be combined with any other discounts). We only offer discounts like this a few times a year. Don't miss out!

Wondering why an adoption consultant is helpful? Click here.
Want to know what other families have to say about us? Click here, here, or here.
Want to get started or get an info packet? Click here.
Would you like to ask some questions? email me at

As an adoption consultant with CAC, I'm eager to help you walk through the entire adoption process! Contact me at for more information.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Congratulations, Bob and Angela!

Bob and Angela started with Christian Adoption Consultants  (working with Tracie) in March and were eager to begin! I had the opportunity to assist this sweet couple and I was able to get to know them right away through creating their profile book. Their home study was ready on June 2 and then they immediately got started applying with agencies.

They began putting their hearts on the line, presenting to potential situations and eagerly waiting for their "yes" to come. After dreaming for years about a baby, they were so ready for the difficult wait to be over.

And then, a little less than two months after they applied to agencies, they got the call that would change their lives forever. They were chosen and the baby was coming soon! About three weeks after that, the daughter that they had long dreamed of was finally in their arms. And she is truly their dream come true!

For information about domestic adoption, please contact me at

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Congratulations, Adam and Audra!

God always is doing more behind the scenes than we know. His ways are often so mysterious but He is always at work. Adam and Audra's adoption story is another example of His perfect plans unfolding in His perfect timing.

My husband "just happened" to be talking with another pastor in the area and "just happened" to mention Christian Adoption Consultants. That pastor "just happened" to be Adam and Audra's pastor and he "just happened" to pass along my contact info to them. In October last year, Audra and I got together to talk about life and adoption and in December they started with Tracie, planning to one day adopt a baby boy.

What they hoped would be a relatively quick home-study process ended up taking more time than didn't make sense and it wasn't easy. But God was working behind the scenes. On July 16 they heard about a situation and that same day their home-study was ready! They hadn't originally intended on applying to this specific agency, but they decided to go ahead and apply with them and present. It seemed perfect! But it was not the child God had for them. It didn't make sense, but God was working behind the scenes.

For the next couple weeks, Adam and Audra spent time really seeking God. He spoke very directly to their hearts about being open to whatever He had for them. And then they heard about another situation from the same agency. A little girl was going to be born soon. God's ways are often mysterious, but He is always at work. They presented. They were chosen.

Almost a month after they had applied with the agency they never intended to apply with in the first place, their daughter was born!

His perfect plans unfolded in His perfect timing. And now, Adam and Audra look at their two beautiful daughters and see what God was doing behind the scenes all that time!

For more information on our services please email me at

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Isn't There Another Way?

***Reposting this today in hopes that it will encourage those of you walking through some hard in your adoption process.***

Last night my mind was running through all of the paperwork for adoption grants yet to be applied to, then to all of the paperwork yet to be filled out when we apply to agencies, then to all the paperwork that I don't even know about that will likely happen after being matched with a birthmom.  As I was mentally picturing all of these papers yet to be filled out and all of the papers that we've already done, well...I felt tired.  Then I thought, "Isn't there an easier way?"

God instantly brought to mind Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, staring into the cup of God's wrath that awaited Him as He looked ahead to the cross.  And He pleaded, “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.”  (Matthew 26:39)  But He knew there wasn't another way.  Our sin completely separated us from God.  It was either Jesus endure incredible suffering and agony being hung on the cross, taking on God's full punishment for sin or God's children could not be a part of His family forever.  There was no other way.

I'm not trying to compare adoption paper work to the crucifixion of Jesus, believe me.  But, I think the Lord wanted to show me two things through remembering this.  First, no amount of suffering I go through compares to the suffering that Jesus went through for me.  He was still completely human while He was completely God.  So He completely felt every bit of that excruciating pain and suffering.  It wasn't lessened because He was sovereign and knew what was coming next.  And that pain?  Being utterly separated from His father and having every sinful thought, action, and word heaped on Himself, bearing the guilt and full weight of that sin even though He had never done anything wrong, and taking the punishment for it all...that is a pain unimaginable.

My weariness at all this paperwork?  It is real and it is hard but it does not compare to all that Christ went through for me.  I will never know what it's like to have every single sin of every single person put on me.  I will never know what it's like to then experience God's wrath and condemnation against all of that evil that I never actually did.  I will never know it because Jesus suffered in my place.

Secondly, adoption is not easy.  It wasn't easy for God to adopt His children into His family.  It wasn't easy for Him to send His Son to the cross.  It wasn't easy and pain free for Jesus to be crucified.  God's adoption of His children came at a great cost to Himself. Is it any wonder that there would be some hard things for us as we're in the process of adopting? 

So when I picture the paperwork that awaits me, I want to be amazed at what Jesus has done to make me God's child.  I want to stand in awe as I remember that there was no other way.  And I want to thank God that Jesus didn't give up in the midst of the hard but said, "Not my will, but Yours be done." 
For information about how I can help you in your adoption journey, please contact me at

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Congratulations, Eddie and Anna.

I will never forget the first conversation I had with sweet Anna. She was on her way back from a full (and probably tiring!) school field-trip that she had chaperoned, but Anna was anything but tired. This girl was bursting with excitement about getting started with their adoption journey and she was so much fun to talk to! That same incredible enthusiasm, passion, and hope in God radiated from Anna throughout their adoption process.

Knowing that adoption had already been in their hearts for quite a while, I so hoped that Eddie and Anna would not have to wait long to have their child in their arms. I remember emailing Anna saying something like, "Not every adoption happens quickly, but I'm going to pray that God would bless you guys with a fast process!" Meanwhile, Anna was also praying that the Lord would send them a summer baby. And that's exactly what He did. His timing was perfect.

Eddie and Anna, you guys are amazing and I have loved watching God at work in and through you during this adoption. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

Read more of their story reposted with permission from Tracie Loux's blog below:

Every story longs to be told.
Every journey longs be lived.
This family put their feet to the journey, and watched as God told an amazing story through their lives.
A little boy was born.
His mother made a very brave decision because she believed that though she was not ready to be a parent, that her son’s life was a treasure. 
She reached out for help.
This precious family said yes to a whirlwind and rushed to meet their son.PART_1407615886174_IMG958342

Adoption is complicated.
It is bittersweet.
It’s never the same story. But every story is deep and full. 
When Eddie and Anna contacted us in May, they knew it was time for them to get ready and they had dreams of a summer baby. Every time a possible situation came up they prayed and asked the Lord to lead the journey. 
I called Anna on August 2nd, and said, “Anna there’s a little boy. He needs a family. He’s already born and I need to know if you can travel tomorrow.” 
Within hours, Eddie and Anna had booked flights and were making childcare arrangements for their children.
Every story. Every single time. A miracle.
For more information about adoption, please contact me at I'd love to help you on your adoption journey!

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Congratulations, John and Meghan!

One of my favorite parts of working with couples in the adoption process is creating their family profile.  I love the glimpse it gives me into their lives and it's also a lot of fun! 
While I was still working on John and Meghan's profile they heard about a baby that needed a family. My husband, Josh, and I had the privilege of Skyping with John and Meghan and praying for them as they processed the whirlwind. It was such a sweet time that I will always treasure.

This couple has an unmistakable love and commitment for one another that has been so beautiful for me to see! They walked through every part of this faith-stretching adoption together as a team. From the moment they heard about this possible situation all the way until their son was in their arms, they leaned on one another and on their faithful God. 

Here is the rest of their story reposted from Tracie Loux's adoption blog:

In February, this amazing couple contacted us for help on their adoption journey. They were matched just a little over a month later.
But they would discover that being “matched” was more of a roller coaster than they had ever dreamed it would be.
In May, it appeared that this adoption would not happen.
So we began to consider other potential matches for this couple.
They were not matched.
Because God knew more than our human wisdom could begin to hold on to.
In late June, the child that they had hoped to adopt was born. They were not called to come as they had hoped and dreamed.
It appeared this child would not be their son.
But God…..
A few days after his birth, they would get another call that would change their lives forever.
They were asked to come.
They were asked to take a little boy into their arms and call him son.
And they did.
With joy.
With gratitude.
With an every increasing understanding that the ways of the Lord are good and perfect.
And the stories He weaves are wrought with both joy and pain because through it all He builds more of Himself in us.
For more information about how we can help you in your adoption journey, please contact me at!

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Congratulations, Joshua and Mary Beth!

I'm not going to pretend I understand everything about our adoption story. I especially don't know why God chose to have us walk through some heartache before wildly blessing us with our baby boy. But I do know that our tears have given me a unique blessing of the opportunity to compassionately pray for, encourage, and walk alongside couples experiencing similar adoption heartbreak. That's what initially connected me with Joshua and Mary Beth. And now their day of rejoicing has come!!!

When I got to know Joshua and Mary Beth through Christian Adoption Consultants, a couple of things struck me right away. First, their desire to love even when it hurts was unmistakable. The fact that they'd had some hard waves in their adoption journey did not keep them from opening wide their hearts to love big. And next, their determination to pray for and love their baby's birthmom was brilliantly on display. Assisting Tracie Loux in their adoption journey was an incredible privilege and I'm so thankful to know this beautiful couple. And goodness! Both of their daughters are just adorable!

More of their story is re-posted below from Tracie's blog with permission:
In a moment. A breath. Life.
A destiny comes alive.

A little girl becomes a daughter.
A man and a woman choose to become father and mother.

A blonde haired, blue-eyed beauty, becomes a sister with joy in her smile.
A dark eyed, raven haired tiny wonder will be loved and cherished forever.

In February, as a Valentine’s Day gift to themselves, Joshua and Mary Beth started working with me.
Their hearts were flung wide open to whatever God had for their family.
On May 20th, they were MATCHED. An amazing woman looked at their profile and said, “Their life is obviously faith based and it is obvious that the two of them share a great love. I love how they met! I also love how they keep in contact with their other child’s birth mom and how they speak of her with such love and honor. I am 100% sure of them. I would like to talk to them this week.”
And that is how a match is made.
And this little wonder was born on July 3rd. Another fast adoption!
And this is what Mary Beth shared about the amazing woman who gave their daughter the gift of life,“We love E’s birth mom. She is brave and strong. She had one goal in mind from the the very beginning – to give her daughter a bright future no matter how hard it would be on her. She was determined and made selfless decisions that have changed the course of E’s life. When we talked to her over the phone for the first time, Josh and I quickly decided that our mission during this whole process was to give her as much love and support along the way as we could. We watched a young girl walk this road before, and we knew the mountain of emotion and pain that birth mom would have to climb and we wanted to walk right along side of her the whole way.”
Mary Beth has given me permission to share the full story from her own personal blog, feel free to pop over to “Be Joyful In All Things”.
For more information about domestic adoption, please contact me at!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Congratulations, David and Amber!

Dave and Amy adopted their daughter a couple of months before Josh and I brought home our little guy. I was thrilled when I found out earlier this year that I'd be assisting their dear friends, David and Amber, as they began working with their CAC adoption consultant, Tracie Loux.

As I started to get to know them through working on their family profile, I was blown away by David and Amber's selflessness. They clearly were eager to add to their family through the gift of adoption, but their focus wasn't on having a baby. Their focus was really on seeking to trust in God's timing and on loving and praying for the woman that would be their little one's birthmom. 

My faith has been strengthened so much as I watched this sweet couple walk out true Christ-reflecting love. They had a breathtaking trust in His loving plans. "We want His will to be done, whatever that may be," Amber texted me multiple times. Their story is beautiful and so is their son!

More of their whirlwind journey is re-posted below with permission from Tracie's blog:

It’s TORNADO SEASON and many adoptions happen much like a WHIRLWIND!
Everything is still and quiet and then BAM, it changes in a moment.
David and Amber started with CAC in mid-February, their home study was completed June 17th, and on June 26th they heard about a baby that needed a family. They said, “YES” and waited.
On Monday, they found out they were MATCHED, and that they had to get on a plane pronto because baby was on his way!
The social worker with the agency told them that she had maybe only seen such a strong, instant connection like that between an adoptive family and a birth family once before. She said she was just amazed by the connection!
They welcomed this little man, and the amazing woman who gave him the gift of life,  into their lives and nothing will ever be the same.
I am so honored to have been part of this family’s journey. They have walked through some incredible up’s and down’s in the past few days and they have surrendered the journey to the Lord with every step.
His ways are perfect and His plans are good!
For more information about how we can help you in your domestic adoption journey, please contact me at!

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Congratulations, CJ and Andrea!

I had the great privilege of assisting CJ and Andrea in their adoption journey (alongside their adoption consultant, Tracie Loux). From my very first phone call with Andrea, I could tell that they were incredibly ready. They had prayed about adoption, talked about adoption, and thought about adoption for quite a while before starting their journey and were so ready for God to bring them their child. They really hoped that their wait would be short. And short it was!

I finished creating CJ and Andrea's family profile (the book that expectant mothers see when deciding which family they want to raise their little one) in May right before their homestudy was completed. Less than a month after they sent in their applications to agencies, they got a call about the little one that was soon to be their son.

I had the honor of praying with them over the phone the night before they flew out to meet their baby. I will never forget their sheer delight and awe at God's beautiful, mysterious ways, and I will never forget the depth of love and gratitude they expressed for their child's birthmom. Their hearts were just as full of love for her as they were full of love for their baby boy. 

CJ and Andrea, it was such a privilege to watch God's beautiful plans for your adoption story unfold.

More of their story is re-posted below with permission from Tracie's blog:

A little boy was born. He needed a family to come quickly.
A beautiful couple received a call.
They said “yes”.
Their “yes” was met with a, “Come now. Come get your son."
They took him into their arms and called him their own.
They became his safe place.
It is a miracle every single time.
One God writes in the pages of history.
C.J. and Andrea contacted us in early April, by late May their home study was complete, and they put their applications in the mail on May 29th!
Last week, they were on vacation near the city where this little man was born.
They finished up their vacation and got home just in time to get AN AMAZING PHONE CALL that had them repacking and headed back to get him!
I can’t even imagine how much excitement there is at home right now, as these precious little ones wait for their new baby brother to come home!
Congratulations C.J. and Andrea! What a wild ride. So happy God was leading the charge!
For more information about domestic adoption, please contact me at

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Is Using An Adoption Consultant Worth The Money (Guest Post)

I am so blessed to be able to watch God work in the lives of couples pursuing adoption. Mary Beth and Josh have such hearts of love and faith. They were with their agency for a while before deciding to widen their options by starting with Christian Adoption Consultants. It's a delight for me to serve them alongside their consultant, Tracie Loux. Mary Beth kindly wrote this letter to those of you considering whether or not it's worth the money to work with CAC.

Dear friends considering CAC-

My husband and I came to to the conclusion that we had to take the adoption of our second child a step further when our home agency started offering reimbursement for families who would hire consultants. We were defeated, frustrated, and ready to grow our family. We shared our heartbreak over this process with our small group at church and immediately a friend suggested looking into CAC. It did not take much convincing after reading the success stories and talking with Tracie.

Working with Tracie and Katie has been exactly what our hearts needed. Their level of professionalism blew us away. The adoption world holds a lot of question marks and uncertainty, but these two women find a way to answer your questions, check in frequently, and help speak to your heart during the wait. Their faith and trust in The Lord throughout the process has encouraged us and reminded us that God has the perfect baby in mind for OUR family. Without their help, I am not sure we would have endured this road to adopting our second child much longer.

If I could encourage someone who isn't sure hiring a consultant is worth the money, I would tell them absolutely positively this is the best money you can spend to help build your family. Yes, adoption is expensive. Yes, this is one more added expense, but it is the best way to go hands down. From the exposure your family receives on a weekly basis to the care and concern from the consultants, this a must for families serious about adoption. This is an investment our family made that we will never regret and 
                                                                   I hope that you can do the same.

Thank you, MaryBeth! I can't wait to see all of God's beautiful plans for your family continue to unfold.

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