Thursday, June 5, 2014

Is Using An Adoption Consultant Worth The Money (Guest Post)

I am so blessed to be able to watch God work in the lives of couples pursuing adoption. Mary Beth and Josh have such hearts of love and faith. They were with their agency for a while before deciding to widen their options by starting with Christian Adoption Consultants. It's a delight for me to serve them alongside their consultant, Tracie Loux. Mary Beth kindly wrote this letter to those of you considering whether or not it's worth the money to work with CAC.

Dear friends considering CAC-

My husband and I came to to the conclusion that we had to take the adoption of our second child a step further when our home agency started offering reimbursement for families who would hire consultants. We were defeated, frustrated, and ready to grow our family. We shared our heartbreak over this process with our small group at church and immediately a friend suggested looking into CAC. It did not take much convincing after reading the success stories and talking with Tracie.

Working with Tracie and Katie has been exactly what our hearts needed. Their level of professionalism blew us away. The adoption world holds a lot of question marks and uncertainty, but these two women find a way to answer your questions, check in frequently, and help speak to your heart during the wait. Their faith and trust in The Lord throughout the process has encouraged us and reminded us that God has the perfect baby in mind for OUR family. Without their help, I am not sure we would have endured this road to adopting our second child much longer.

If I could encourage someone who isn't sure hiring a consultant is worth the money, I would tell them absolutely positively this is the best money you can spend to help build your family. Yes, adoption is expensive. Yes, this is one more added expense, but it is the best way to go hands down. From the exposure your family receives on a weekly basis to the care and concern from the consultants, this a must for families serious about adoption. This is an investment our family made that we will never regret and 
                                                                   I hope that you can do the same.

Thank you, MaryBeth! I can't wait to see all of God's beautiful plans for your family continue to unfold.

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