Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Congratulations, CJ and Andrea!

I had the great privilege of assisting CJ and Andrea in their adoption journey (alongside their adoption consultant, Tracie Loux). From my very first phone call with Andrea, I could tell that they were incredibly ready. They had prayed about adoption, talked about adoption, and thought about adoption for quite a while before starting their journey and were so ready for God to bring them their child. They really hoped that their wait would be short. And short it was!

I finished creating CJ and Andrea's family profile (the book that expectant mothers see when deciding which family they want to raise their little one) in May right before their homestudy was completed. Less than a month after they sent in their applications to agencies, they got a call about the little one that was soon to be their son.

I had the honor of praying with them over the phone the night before they flew out to meet their baby. I will never forget their sheer delight and awe at God's beautiful, mysterious ways, and I will never forget the depth of love and gratitude they expressed for their child's birthmom. Their hearts were just as full of love for her as they were full of love for their baby boy. 

CJ and Andrea, it was such a privilege to watch God's beautiful plans for your adoption story unfold.

More of their story is re-posted below with permission from Tracie's blog:

A little boy was born. He needed a family to come quickly.
A beautiful couple received a call.
They said “yes”.
Their “yes” was met with a, “Come now. Come get your son."
They took him into their arms and called him their own.
They became his safe place.
It is a miracle every single time.
One God writes in the pages of history.
C.J. and Andrea contacted us in early April, by late May their home study was complete, and they put their applications in the mail on May 29th!
Last week, they were on vacation near the city where this little man was born.
They finished up their vacation and got home just in time to get AN AMAZING PHONE CALL that had them repacking and headed back to get him!
I can’t even imagine how much excitement there is at home right now, as these precious little ones wait for their new baby brother to come home!
Congratulations C.J. and Andrea! What a wild ride. So happy God was leading the charge!
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