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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Adoption Story: Dave and Amy's Twins

One of the extra sweet parts of adopting through Christian Adoption Consultants is the beautiful adoption community that is there waiting for you with other CAC families. As an adoptive mama myself, I still benefit greatly from that community that I became a part of over 5 years ago when we started our first adoption. Dave and Amy are two special parts of the CAC community and they have been an importance source of encouragement for many CAC families.

God has given this couple huge hearts filled with passion for adoption. They helped launch their church’s adoption, foster care, and orphan care ministry and they serve as the leaders of the ministry there. They also are a part of the CAC staff as Adoption Specialists who help spread the word about CAC and they do it with compassion for those walking through infertility and wise help for all those considering their adoption options. I feel so grateful to work alongside them and to call them my friends!

Somehow, their "congrats" blog post got put aside but I figure this is better late than never. I mean, who doesn't want to hear about TWINS?! When Dave and Amy got started on their second adoption we learned about an expectant mama due with twins. Dave and Amy's lives were already pretty crazy busy with the two little ones they had at home but they were filled with faith and excitement to put their "yes" on the table, ready to see what God would do. And what He did was connect the heart of that expectant mama with theirs and grow their family in ways they would have never dreamed! Amy shares about their second adoption:

"We are so thankful for Katie and CAC's part in growing our family.  Adoption is often an emotional roller-coaster and Katie was always there to point us back to Jesus.  I will never forgot the call from Katie when she said "Your family is about to get a lot bigger!" I started laughing in both shock and joy! It was only the beginning of many joyful moments and many surprises to come.  The twins ended up being born early at 34 weeks and we started out with some rough months of RSV and hospital stays.  

We found out when they were about a month old that one twin, Ezra was deaf.  This led to many tests and appointments to see if there was anything else going on.  Eventually we were told Ezra has Usher Syndrome type 1d which affects hearing, vision, and the vestibular system (making things like sitting and walking very hard). Now we knew Ezra was deaf and vision will deteriorate, possibly leading to blindness. So this began a whole new life for our  family filled with doctor visits and therapies.  A shock to us and somewhat overwhelming.  

Through it all we had a peace that God had placed these two precious boys in our family and He would give us what we needed to parent them.  Yes some days I need to be reminded of this but God seems to use His people at just the right moment to help remind me (so many of these reminders come from our CAC extended family).  See this news was all a surprise to us but God has been preparing us and placing people in our lives as resources and support literally our entire lives. We are blessed to have both these precious boys in our family and they are teaching us how to trust God's peace and strength on a daily basis."

(To check a couple other beautiful stories of my families who have brought home twins, read here and here.)
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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Adoption Update: Our Daughter, Keziah

There is so much to, so much to attempt to convey about the heartbreaking and breathtaking beauty of adoption. But for today, we invite you to rejoice along with us in the gift of our daughter, Keziah Lamia (KEZ-ee-uh Luh-mee-uh). The name "Keziah" comes from the book of Job in the Bible; Keziah was one Job's daughters during the time of restoration and renewal God brought about in his life-a reminder of God's redeeming love. Lamia is the beautiful middle name that her brave birth mom chose for her. We pray that Keziah's life is marked by the selfless love of of her birth mom as well as the unchanging love of our Heavenly Father.

Our sweet girl was born on Thursday morning and we left the hospital with her on Friday evening. She is teeny (5lbs 13oz). She is beautiful. She is so very loved!

We thank God for the gift of her life and we thank Him for each of you who have prayed for us, supported us, and encouraged us all along the way!

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