Christian Adoption Consultants

The adoption world is filled with uncertainties and complexities.  Figuring out which agencies are actually ethical, determining which adoption situations best fit with your family, navigating the paperwork and the phone calls and the finances and the...well, you get the picture.  Adoption isn't a road you want to walk alone.  And you don't have to.

Josh and I had the immense joy of working with Christian Adoption Consultants during our journey to Titus.  We can't imagine what our adoption experience might have been like without their wise, professional, compassionate, Godward help! I feel so blessed to now be a part of the CAC team as an Adoption Consultant!

Christian Adoption Consultants provides an amazing amount of support, guidance, and assistance throughout the entire adoption process. Rather than working with just one agency and often waiting for years in a large line of adoptive families, Christian Adoption Consultants helps their clients take a different approach. CAC assists families in taking a "multi-agency approach," pointing families to various agencies in "adoption friendly" states. Generally, this significantly cuts down the wait-time and most CAC families bring home their little one in 3-12 months.

Feel free to check out my post here about the benefits of using an adoption consultant!

If you have any questions about adoption or how Christian Adoption Consultants might be able to help your family pursue their adoption dreams, please contact me at  My husband and I live in Illinois, but I work with families from many different states. I'd love to talk with you!

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