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Friday, September 10, 2010

Praying Psalm 119:67

Thank you for all of your prayers!  Many have asked how I'm feeling so I wanted to try and post a small update.  Basically, my health goes up and down like a roller-coaster these days.  For a couple of days I might feel sort of decent and then the next day, I seem to plummet down again into feeling awful.  It's very inconsistent but the long and short of it is that this is how my body responds to Graves' Disease being treated with PTU. I'm very affected by the medicine, so much so that it's been very hard for my endocrinologist to determine what dosage I need.  Each time we think the dosage may be right and my thyroid levels begin to normalize, I start going into HYPO-thyroid because the meds are suppressing my thyroid too much.

I could go on and on about all that we're trying to decide...are meds best or is a more holistic approach better?  If I do the holistic route, then I probably need to stop nursing Addie.  What's best?  Should I keep waiting to see if they find the right dosage for my meds, even though my dr. said that the dosage will likely need to be tweaked off and on over the next 1.5ish years on PTU? Will I go into permanent remission if I do the full 2 years on PTU even though I only have about a 60% chance of that?  Lots of questions. The Lord knows the answers.

I would so love your prayers. If you're wondering how you can pray for me, please do continue to pray for healing. But also, I would love it if you'd pray for me from Psalm 119:67 and 71.

"Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I keep Your word." "It is good for me that I was afflicted, that I might learn Your statutes."

Please pray that through this, I would learn more of God's ways and that I would walk in His paths, keeping His Words. Pray that I would rejoice in God, knowing that this is good for me, otherwise He would not be allowing this affliction.  I really want to rejoice in the midst of suffering, not merely try and survive it till it's over.

So grateful for a faithful God who always works for my best.  I know that His purposes are good.  As Psalm 119:75 says, " faithfulness You have afflicted me."

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