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Friday, October 22, 2010

He Does Mighty Things

"Come and see what God has done: he is awesome in his deeds toward the children of man."  
Psalm 66:5

Though I don't feel 100%, I haven't felt this good since before I was pregnant with Addie Beth.  Come and see what God has done!  He is awesome in His deeds!  It is He alone who can heal!

Thank you for praying for me.  If you're tempted to be discouraged about things you're begging God for that He isn't granting, take heart!  He hears His children!  He rarely acts in the timing and exact way that we think is best but He does hear the cries of His children.  Persevere in prayer!  It is a mighty God we serve.  He is awesome in His deeds toward the children of man.  His ways are so much higher than ours..

I am eager to see how He keeps answering the prayers of His people.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

He Really Does Hear

You know how sometimes you can keep asking God for something and He's not giving it and you can begin to wonder why?  Doesn't He hear me?  Doesn't He want this VERY GOOD thing for me?  Doesn't He promise to hear us when we call to Him?  Why isn't He answering this prayer? Why has healed other people and He's not healing me?  Should I keep praying for this?

Josh and I have been praying for God to completely heal me of Graves' Disease.  Our small group has prayed with us for this.  Countless friends and family have prayed with us for this-maybe you've been one of them.  And it's been over 3 months since I was in the emergency room and still, I'm not feeling completely well.  Still, I've praying for healing.  Still, I go up and down from day to day feeling ok and then feeling bad.  At times, I've wavered, wondering if God is actually hearing these prayers.  At other times, I've been filled with faith that if He wants to He can take Graves' Disease away from me in a moment.  I've been fighting to trust that if He doesn't heal me, then I can still trust Him.  He's got a good plan. Well, guess what?

Yesterday I got a call from my endocrinologist.  She said, "You're levels are completely normal.  I don't think that you have Graves' Disease."  She thinks that maybe the diagnosis was wrong all along and that I have postpartum thyroiditis.   Well, I don't know if that's what I have or if I really had Graves' and God healed me from it. What I do know is that God has heard and answered our prayers!  I'm feeling much better (not 100% but much better) and that I don't have a LIFELONG condition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for praying for me! God has heard! We've asked Him to heal me from Graves' and He has.  I don't have it.  I will not have to battle this for life.  God is powerful and mighty to heal!  He didn't act in the timing I would have chosen (as in an immediate healing) or in the way I might have hoped (as in, never having allowed me to be sick in the first place), but He is healing me!  Praise Him along with me!!!! I'm so grateful for all He's been teaching me through this and will continue to teach me as I keep healing.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

She Makes Me Smile

This is my sweet 10 month old. When I look at her, I can't help but smile. Addie Beth is a bright spot in every single day. Whether I feel sick or healthy, happy or sad, tired or energetic (I will feel energetic someday, right?), looking at Addie always makes my heart swell with joy. I really feel like she's God's tangible expression of His love for me. When she snuggles up to me, it's a tangible reminder of how real and how good God is.  Only an amazing God would give such beautiful gifts to His children. I love Addie and I love the God who made her. Onto other things...

Thanks for praying for me. I keep wondering if I should post how I'm feeling but it changes each day and sometimes hourly. I've been wondering if maybe God is healing me but I don't know. My heart's been racing a bit more this week and a couple other symptoms have been going on. But get this y'all: I HAVE BEEN TOTALLY OFF OF MEDS FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, you read that right. At the beginning of September my TSH level was at 12 (supposed to be between 1 & 2 and it was at .02 when I was in the ER). My medicine throws me into hypothyroid so each time that happens, my dr. has me stop taking it. So I've been getting my blood checked every week or so and surprise, surprise, my levels have not gone back into hyperthyroid yet! I was anticipating being off of meds for 2-3 weeks and then tanking. But that hasn't happened! I don't know if God's healing me or just giving me a little breathing room to figure out where to go from here. Whatever the case, we're praising Him for it!

This morning Tali said, "Mommy, why did God heal you?" I love that she asked that because I've never said that He healed me since I'm not quite sure.  Still, she knows that I'm feeling much better than I've been for a long time. Josh answered her, "Because God loves His children." It is humbling for me to think that if He's healing me, it's because of His undeserved love for me. And if He chooses for me to feel worse again, somehow that's an expression of His love as well.

Please keep praying for complete healing!

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