Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What I Know Now and Wished I Would Have Known Then (Guest Post)

I'm so grateful to Amber for writing this guest post today! Mark and Amber are an incredibly sweet and thoughtful waiting adoptive couple. I have the privilege of serving them alongside their adoption consultant, Tracie Loux. Amber has some very helpful thoughts for those who have considered CAC but aren't sure if it's worth it.

"What I Know Now and Wished I Would Have Known Then"
(by Amber)

It has been a 9 year journey to know God's child for us and I anticipated another Mother's Day would come and go without meeting our child.  It is one of those days that bring mixed emotions when you long to be a mother.  I passed through the hallways at church and avoided the long line where children handed out carnations to all the mothers.  Everyone who doesn't know about your journey wishes you a "Happy Mother's Day" and you graciously say "Thank You", not wanting to share the story of your longing for a child.   Although this Mother's Day we were still waiting for the baby The Lord will bless us with, we had something else, we had hope and peace.  You see, a few weeks prior we made the decision to work with Christian Adoption Consultants.

Working with Christian Adoption Consultants has been the best decision we have made in our journey to be parents.  What a blessing it has been working with Katie and Tracie.  After waiting 6 months with my prior agency and becoming extremely disheartened, a friend suggested that I consider a consultant.  She had used CAC to help bring home her beautiful baby girl and always sings their praises.  Initially, I shot down the idea thinking that it would just be more fees in an already expensive adoption process.  After all, I'd been working four jobs for many years to finance our adoption and had budgeted down to the penny.  After a little research I realized it wasn't as costly as I believed. I know now it is SO worth every cent.  I wish I would have known about them from the beginning.  I was amazed how quickly we were provided multiple opportunities to show our profile to sweet birth moms.  We finally had choices as opposed to remaining at one agency hoping and praying for that one phone call that never came.  In addition to connecting me with thoughtful agencies, the assistance I have received has been invaluable.  It’s like being enveloped with support on this beautiful, stressful, emotional, roller coaster ride they call adoption.  

Unsolicited, on this Mother's Day I received the following text message from Katie.  It stated, "I'm praying for you today, that God would comfort your heart in the painful wait to be a mommy. Praying that He would bring your child home to you soon!"  She later told me that I "already have a mother's heart of love."  Finally......someone who gets it!

Thank you Christian Adoptions Consultants and a special thanks to Katie and Tracie for walking alongside us in this process and being a part of our dream.  I am forever grateful!

Thank YOU, Amber! I can't wait to watch God's beautiful plans for your family continue to unfold!


Contact me at katief@christianadoptionconsultants.com for more information!

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