Thursday, October 30, 2014

Adoption Story: Matt and Laura

Matt and Laura's adoption journey has been a beautiful story of God's faithfulness. They had some ideas about how they thought their story might unfold, but they were committed to being open to whatever plans God had for them. They wanted His way and not their own. And His ways, as they often are, were surprising and beautiful!

In February, Matt and Laura got started with CAC and I got to know this sweet couple as I began working on their adoption profile book. Their gratitude towards God for adopting them into His family was so evident. And so was their desire to follow His leading in their adoption journey, whatever that looked like. 

They were home-study ready near the end of June and then, less than a month later, they heard about a baby boy that would be born soon. His brave birthparents were making an adoption plan. It was a complicated situation and the details were different than what they'd envisioned...there would be sacrifice involved...a NICU stay...they would miss the first day of school for their other 4 littles ones. But Matt and Laura prayed and prayed, wanting to follow however God led. And He led them to put their "yes" on the table. They were chosen and less than a month later, their precious son was in their arms!

Laura spent many weeks away from home while they loved on their sweet son in the NICU. Adoption is not easy and the raw depth of emotions involved in a NICU stay can be so very difficult. But Matt and Laura clung to God's faithfulness and knew that their son was worth it. Here are a couple of Laura's texts to me in the long, hard days in the NICU:

"God is so faithful! God provides, and when we feel discouraged He gives us glimpses of His vast love for us if we are just willing to see them. It is just a long and hard process, but it's what we have to go through to get this precious gift healthy and home!"

"I pray that through this journey Christ's grace has shone through. I have surely been weak at times, but ultimately, because of God's grace I see His beautiful love for me as His adopted child."

"It has been amazing and beautiful and heart wrenching. I'm so thankful that God brought us on this journey."

Matt and Laura, it has been such an honor to watch you follow God's leading in your adoption journey. I am in awe of His perfect plans for your beautiful family!

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