Sunday, November 2, 2014

An Adoption Story: Mark and Amber

Mark and Amber came to Christian Adoption Consultants in May, already very worn from waiting. Nine years of waiting to become parents together and six months of that time spent waiting with a local agency where they were not having their profile shown. Understandably, they were tired and beginning to feel hopeless. But the God of hope was not done with their story.

Using our multi-agency approach, they started presenting their profile to expectant mothers, beginning to feel hope rise. And then, one month after signing on with CAC they got the call that they had been chosen!

For the next four months, Mark and Amber invested their very hearts in the man and woman who had chosen them...spending time with them, building a relationship with them, and praying for them. As is often the case with adoption, it was not without difficulty or tears. Waiting to be matched is a hard thing.  But sometimes the unknowns while you wait for that child to be born can be even more challenging.

Amber writes:

"As much as I trusted him, at times I was overcome with fear and doubt. "What if's" crept in and I could barely put one foot in front of the other. It's so easy to trust when you see the end picture but when adversity comes your way you question things. Thankfully, our God is so much bigger and more faithful than the what if's and questions because he loves us, provides for us, and works for our good."

Mark and Amber held on to the God of hope, believing that He was there with them. And then one day in September, their beautiful daughter was born.

Amber shares:

"I could write a book about the amazing providential things that occurred throughout our journey to know our daughter. I can still barely wrap my mind around it all. I am finally a Mommy and not just any Mommy, but a Mommy to an amazing child who God predestined and entrusted to us.  Oh how I have longed for that title, Praise God!"

Years of waiting. Countless prayers. And hope in a God that did not disappoint. Praise God indeed!

(Photos courtesy of Lizvette Wreath Photography)

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