Saturday, January 18, 2014

About The Kids

I'm not too concerned about what everyone in the world thinks about my blog, but I do have one reader who I especially want to enjoy my posts. It's one who adores this blog and begs to read each post over and over and over again. Nope. It's not my husband. It's my sweet 7 year old! But to be honest, she's not been too impressed lately. "Mom, I still like it. But I miss you doing more stuff about us. You know?! About your kids!" And so, without further adieu, for my sweetie little bookworm, I present to you a "kid" post.

The Joyful 16 Month Old

Loves: Dancing, laughing, smiling, giving hugs, books, throwing balls, wearing/taking off hats, bananas, baths, getting into everything, chucking toys into the toilet, and climbing on top of anything and everything. 

The Little Sweetie 4 Year Old
Loves: giggling, looking at books, snuggling Mommy, playing with her baby dolls, chasing Titus, dancing, school, Doc McStuffins, yogurt, being read to by Tali, playing Legos with Owen, smiling.

The Energetic 6 Year Old Drummer Boy
Loves: drumming, sushi, Legos, sword fighting with Titus, playing with his sisters, Star Wars, Ninjago, reading the Bible with Mom or Dad, music, animals, hot sauce, football with Dad.

The Sweet and Helpful 7 Year Old Bookworm
Loves: reading, sewing, fairies, playing piano, Heidi, time with Grandma, American Girl Dolls, Star Wars, playing Barbies with Addie, reading to Owen, helping with Titus, the library, sugar, Fridays with Daddy, reading with Mommy, singing.

There you go, Sweet Girl! I hope that you enjoyed finally seeing another post about each of you cute kids.

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3 Responses to “About The Kids”

  1. Love these faces!

  2. trustinggodathomeJanuary 20, 2014

    I crack up every time I look at T with the pink hat on. :)

  3. Peaches LedwidgeDecember 01, 2014

    Amazing stories, Katie.