Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our Family Is Too Big To Adopt (Adoption Fears and Falsehoods Series)

There are many fears and falsehoods out there about adoption such as: "I could never afford to adopt," "Is there really a need in the U.S.," "Birthmoms are scary," "My spouse will never agree," "Can I really love a child I didn't give birth to," "Do I really have what it takes," and "I'm too old." Today, I want to share about another falsehood that hinders people from adopting. It's this assumption:

Whether or not a "large" family can adopt varies from country to country. Even within the United States, the requirements for adoptive families vary from agency to agency. Some agencies do not let families with more than a certain amount of children adopt through them. But not every adoption agency works that way. It makes me so sad when I run across a family that says, "We wanted to adopt but were told by the agency we couldn't because of our family size." Not every agency has those specific perimeters! It is indeed possible for a "large" family to adopt domestically.

That may lead you to ask another question: do expectant mothers ever choose a larger adoptive family? Every expectant mom is different and so each will differ in the hopes and preferences she has for the family that will adopt her child. Some first moms don't prefer to place their baby in a home with any children, some want a home with only one or two kids, and some are not at all deterred by large families. In fact, some expectant moms specifically desire a larger family.

Here are some families that had five or more children when they adopted their little one with the assistance of Christian Adoption Consultants:

If God has given you a desire to adopt, please don't let the idea that your family is "too large" stand in your way! If God wants your family to bring home a child through the gift of adoption, He is able to bring that about.

(For more information about domestic adoption, please contact me at katief@christianadoptionconsultants.com.)

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