Wednesday, December 17, 2014

He's Seven Today

I remember so many things about that day, seven years ago, when Owen was born.
Cutting toast into little squares for my adorable 13 month old who had a nasty stomach bug.
A scary stat ultrasound to check why my baby wasn't responding to the non-stress test.
Standing in Walmart trying to find CastorOil and Gatorade.
Getting a call from Hanna asking if anything was happening and grumpily telling her, "no."
Eating the meal Andrea brought, feeling sick every 2 minutes and not realizing I was in labor.
Heading to the hospital feeling extremely annoyed that Josh wasn't driving faster.
Standing at the nurses' station suffering through contractions while they sllloooowly admitted me.
Then, finally in a room, my first epidural, and not long after, a beautiful baby boy in my arms.
Joshua Owen. So sweet. So quiet. And so loved.

Today my baby turns seven. And I hope I always remember this day, too.
How we asked him how old he was and he said, "six" until he grinned, suddenly remembering!
How he beamed when he looked at his legos and got straight to work building.
How he happily let his older sister help him, side by side at the table constructing.
How he sang Christmas carols while he looked at his new toys.
How he told me this is the best day ever.

I don't take this for granted..the gift of seven years with our son. My heart hurts today knowing that so many mamas I love have not had one year or four years or more with their baby, let alone seven. So today as I'm soaking in his sevenness as a gift, I'm also praying for comfort for those whose hearts hurt, breathing in this day and thanking God for these moments I want to remember forever.

Happy 7th birthday, buddy! You are an absolute gift to us.

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One Response to “He's Seven Today”

  1. So sweet. I love this. I always wish I would remember more. I wrote in my journal for Lily that I loved hearing her say "yellow" and "elbow," and now I can't even remember how she said them. A few minutes to take a picture, write in a journal, or take a video yields a priceless treasure.