Saturday, June 11, 2011

Amazingly Blessed: God's Generosity

God faithfully blessed our garage sale today!  
He kept the rain away, brought people to our sale despite the gloomy weather, and gave us awesome success!!  We're so grateful for all of the help, prayers, and support of so many of you.  Are you curious about what kind of $ we ended up with?
Ya ready for this?  We made around $1100 from the sale and then were stunned by the incredible generosity of friends that brought our grand total for the day to...$3027.  Is that amazing, or what?!  We are marveling at God's provision for us.  He is so faithful.  He is so worthy of praise! I cannot get over the fact that God loves our little ones so much that He will use whatever means He wants to bring them home to us.  (Even a garage sale.)  What a relentless love!
This day would not have been possible without you!  Thank you so much for donating your stuff, making posters, lending tables, helping price & sort, baking, helping me during the sale, coming out to shop, tearing stuff down, and most of all, for loving us and praying for this day.  We have tangibly felt your love and support for us.  How can we thank you enough?  Words can't express our gratitude.

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One Response to “Amazingly Blessed: God's Generosity”

  1. That is amazing!! God is so good.