Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday

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6 Responses to “Easter Sunday”

  1. She is so precious! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to see you all on Sunday morning. Thanks for sharing pictures!

  2. ohhh! how beautiful. I especially love the one with her eyes shut, sniffing the daisy! :)

    So here is how Easter pictures went for our family: by the time we got home from church, boy #1 had soaked his pants. So pics were postponed until after his nap. At the last minute, as I finished nursing and we were about to do the pictures, boy #2 suddenly pooped through HIS clothes. I was desperate, so we propped the baby against a towel on the couch next to his brother for our pictures. Got one--and the camera ran out of battery! Hah!

    I think we're going to be doing a re-shoot. Or maybe that's just as good as it's going to get! :)

    Just thought I'd share the fun...Tali's pics look so peaceful and pristine by comparison! ;)

  3. katie, your kids make my cheeks hurt. tali so, so, so, CUTE! and your friend "sarah k's" story about made me fall over in laughter. oh the joys of being a mama. love you!

  4. She is just so beautiful. You captured some great pictures. Miss you friend!

  5. Hi Josh & Katie! Dave gave me your blog spot when I asked for photos. I love the girls, they remind me of Mindy! These photos are fabulous and the kids are gorgeous!

  6. What! I did not mean to write I love the girls. I meant I love the curls! Yep, I'm still blonde. Not only that but the older I get the more I think I am dyslexic. I know I am too young to be having senior moments. Right?

    I am bummed that the Sovereign Graces churches are all too far to go to on a regular basis. One of these days I will have to visit the one in DC. It's cherry season and just gorgeous here!