Monday, September 22, 2008

God Hears Us

Yesterday was the start of another fever/sickness thing with Tali. These things are getting familiar as she's had so many but they are still scary. Anyhow, the dr. wanted me to bring her in to see if it was UTI. Checking for UTI got it-urinalysis. A urinalysis on a baby who is not potty trained means a catheter. A catheter means excruciating pain for your baby and an all-out awful and hard-to-forget experience for the both of you.

So, on the way to the dr's office I asked the Lord to help Tali pee in the little bag that they'll do as a first try thing so that the cath wouldn't be necessary. The whole way to the office I talked w/her about what would happen when we got in there and how once she "went" into the bag we could go home. Guess what? They put on the bag and we waited 10 minutes. Then I said, "Ok girl. You need to go right now into the bag." And my little lady "went"!!!!!!!! It was such an answer to prayer and I'm so grateful that she didn't have to go through the pain of the catheder. And of course, once again, all of it was for nothing because she doesn't have a UTI, she has some sort of puking flu. :)

Anyway, there is no way that she would have gone into that little bag apart from the Lord's doing. She is not potty trained and she has never gone on command. So I just wanted to share that as a reminder that He hears our prayers and He does answer them in very specific ways for His glory. May He be praised for His faithfulness!

Oh, and for those who are wondering-after this trip to see the dr., Tali said, "Duhd dob, Tah-ye! You a bid dull! Yay!!"

We'd love prayers for her quick recovery

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3 Responses to “God Hears Us”

  1. Lord, please heal sweet Tali!

  2. that is wonderful! God is very kind to answer our requests. If He has done the greater, He is able to do the least!

  3. Praying for your little one to feel better fast... Sweet Tali, I'm so happy she went in the bag. The cath sounds so painful. PTL.