Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Owen at 16 Months

Tomorrow I turn 28 (I know, I'm a youngster!). On Friday, Owey will turn 16 (months old). Where did the time go? My baby is getting to be such a toddler and I can hardly believe it. So that I don't forget, here's a bit about what's going on with Owen right now.

New Words/Phrases or just my favorite things that he says: Have it, Daddy ah you (Daddy, where are you?), Mummy (Mommy), too (whenever he wants to do something too), shur (share), rob-bee (robin), skul (squirrel), Pay (pray), may-men (amen), owie hut (owie hurt), beece (please), wuhvul (shovel).

Favorite Foods: lunch meat, green beans, crackers, popcicles

Favorite Book: "I Love Trucks" by Philemon Sturges (His constant refrain around the house for this book is, "I Luh! I Luh! Beece!")

Favorite Toy: He loves playing with our flashlight (wite-wite), anything that's in the mayt-ment (basement), and anything that Tali is playing with.
Favorite Song: Ring Around the Rosy (he just started turning in circles on his own singing "Rin Ro"). Oh and for basically any music that he hears, he raises his hands high in the air to "worship." :) It could be "Jesus Loves Me" or "Bob the Builder" or even "The Wheels on the Bus," it doesn't matter to Owen. He will immediately put his hands in the air. I think we've got a charismatic on our hands. :)

Favorite People: Daddy, La-La (Tali), Mummy, Grandma, Papa, May-me (he talks about Aunt Amy a lot), Teak (Mr. Teak's been doing some awesome work for us and he is a hero with our kids), De-dub (Caleb).

Disposition: He is really sweet and a big snuggler. Often he'll just start sucking his thumb and walk over to me with hands held high. He'll sit on my lap with his head on my shoulder, sucking his thumb and rocking with me. He also has very little self-control right now and gets angry quickly when he doesn't get what he wants (pray for the Lord to help him here!). Overall though, he's a happy little guy.

Health: His reflux is GONE!!!!!!!! Praise the LORD! He's intolerant to dairy so if he eats something with dairy in it, he will spit up a ton. Otherwise, it looks like he is healed of that nasty stuff. What a relief for him and for us!

We love Owen so much and thank God for his life!

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2 Responses to “Owen at 16 Months”

  1. We love "Baby Owey" over here (though you're right, he's more like a toddler now! We'll have to help Caleb with that transition!) What a handsome little dude in that outfit! Can't wait to play again soon :)

  2. Looks like someone's been to Children's place! Cute, cute!
    They way you describe him reminds be a bit of Isaiah...gotta love those boys!
    Happy Birthday!!!