Thursday, May 21, 2009

Book Time

Tali is growing and changing so much. Her little mind is constantly going and she continues to crack us up with her humor and cheerfulness.

Yesterday I took the kids to the library and when we got home Tali had "Book Time." (While Owen takes his morning nap, Tali looks at books in her crib.) I came downstairs and saw that one of her books had been tossed out of the crib so I asked her about it.

"They wuh haveen bad add-ih-tudes, Mommy. I didn't like it! A man was angry and evweeone kept taking away the guls toys! It was not good and I did not like that book."

Immediately I knew which book she was talking about and started cracking up. "Rummage Sale" is the title. It's a book about various people who come to a little girl's rummage sale and buy her toys. It's kind of a cute book and has some good elements that make kids think. Anyway, I just loved that from looking at the pictures she had thought that it would be absolutely horrible (or "tara-bull" as she would say) to have people come and take your toys away. No wonder she didn't like it!

p.s.- I'm having trouble posting pictures. I'll try to add one later.

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2 Responses to “Book Time”

  1. Sooooo cute! Gavin is starting to communicate more with us and repeat things....not necessarily the words but you can tell he THINKS he saying it. Aren't kids wonderful? It just keeps on getting better.