Friday, November 20, 2009

Due Date Schmoodate

And so here I am on the day of Baby #3's due date, waiting, waiting, waiting. Due dates are a tough thing, especially when you're a person who goes past them. Because then there's that nasty word-OVERDUE that comes into play and non-stress tests and inductions and pitocin and blah, blah, blah. But it's so good to know that God is never late in His plans and He never makes a mistake. His plan is always perfect and always good. So we're clinging to that truth and looking forward to seeing Him bring about His perfect plans for this baby's birth.

"This God-His way is perfect..." Psalm 18:30

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5 Responses to “Due Date Schmoodate”

  1. Hey, the day's not over yet! You look pretty cute for a gal who just wants to have her baby already!


  2. That's a beautiful due date picture! Your smile is radiating your trust and joy in God's good plan! It's coming soon....p.s. What will the baby ticker thing say tomorrow? Don't check, it might frustrate you. I'll do it an report in when I come VISIT BABY GIRL IN THE HOSPITAL!

  3. I love you're short hair! You look lovely! You're right, God's plans for our babies are always perfect. It will be a joy whenever she arrives. Until then, you have two adorable children to keep you entertained! I'm sure they both have lots to say about the baby already.

  4. Loving your haircut! I wish I was living in IL. I miss you guys!

  5. LOVE THIS pic. You look cute as a button. I'm diggin the new hair do! I kind of wish they didn't even give us due dates.....They should just say things like, "Your baby will probably be due around the end of November" - LOL. Wouldn't that be great?