Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter in the Eyes of my 4 year old

Don't you sometimes wish you could be 4 again, if only around Christmas? Yesterday morning, my girl was at her sweetest, gushing with joy about Christmas coming soon and about the newly falling snow. "Mommy! Mommy! This is the most snow we EVER had! Oh my goodness! There just keeps being more and more!" Nevermind that there was only a teeny tiny little itty bitty dusting out there-it was big stuff to my daughter.

I love that Tali is a fresh reminder to me every day that God has absolutely filled our lives with things to be grateful for. Sure, it's cold out. Yeah, there's less sunshine. But my guess is that God's a lot more delighted in Tali's response to His beautiful creation than He is at the way we adults tend to grumble about the cold.

Lord, make us more like children...
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2 Responses to “Winter in the Eyes of my 4 year old”

  1. Amen! How's Owen? How was the car trip home? I need to update my blog!

  2. This was a beautiful blog, I believe you are right. We have to trust God and be grateful for all that he has done and still doing. I love how our children helps us to remember that it was God that made all this possible for us to enjoy. God Bless you and your beautful family through the holiday and into the New Year.