Friday, January 2, 2015

Adoption Story: Michael and Signe

Signe and Michael contacted us at the beginning of April after they'd been referred to Tracie Loux through a friend. We spoke on the phone several times as they carefully considered the next steps God had for them in their journey to becoming parents. A little over a month later, they began with Christian Adoption Consultants and I had the joy of making their adoptive family profile (the book that potential birthmoms look at when considering adoptive families). As I got to know them two things especially stood out to me about this sweet couple: their love for God and their love for people. Michael and Signe are people that truly live their lives with hearts full of love.

They were homestudy ready near the end of August. Three months later, they were made aware of an expectant mom making an adoption plan who specifically wanted an adoptive couple in their home state. They prayed and they talked about it intently, asking God to lead them. Just before profiles were going to be presented, they felt the Lord give them peace to present. Hours later they got the call they had been praying for. She had chosen them!

For the next several months while they waited for their baby to be born, I watched Michael and Signe profoundly reflect God's heart of love. As deeply as they longed to be parents, they didn't focus on their own dreams-they sought to selflessly pour out their energy, time, compassion, and prayers into loving their baby's birthparents. The way they sought to love without any guarantee of how it would end was truly beautiful for me to watch.  

And then, almost exactly nine months after that first inquiry they made to CAC, their daughter was born! 

This little girl's life has been covered in love...from the love that led her birthparents to give her the gift of life, to the love and prayers that Michael and Signe whispered for so long leading up to holding her in their arms...her life has forever been marked by love. God's love is so powerfully and vividly displayed through the gift of adoption!
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2 Responses to “Adoption Story: Michael and Signe”

  1. Gina PollardJanuary 02, 2015

    They are an amazing couple. So beautiful to see this come true for them.

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