Friday, August 21, 2015

Adoption Story: Brad and Christie's Happy Anniversary

This sweet couple just happens to be celebrating eleven years of marriage today! That makes sharing their story of adoption and love even more special.

The way that Brad and Christie have cared for one another throughout their long journey to parenthood is pretty remarkable. It's so easy to be consumed in the waiting, losing sight of the precious gift of marriage while waiting for the precious gift of a child. But this couple was committed to prioritizing their relationship come what may.

They came to CAC in 2014, were matched about 9 months after they applied to agencies, and their adorable son was born this July. They happily wanted to share their story:

"When we first married, we intentionally waited to begin growing our family. We wanted to cherish our time together for a few years and really build a strong foundation for our marriage. 
With every infertility hurdle, we became closer. While getting things in order to begin adoption, we had fun spending those years traveling to Italy, tailgating at football games, playing golf, and playing like the big kids we were. While waiting to be matched, we prayed harder, loved bigger, and grew even closer. It was the most difficult thing we have ever experienced, but God made good on that desire he put in our hearts! That is the blessing of it all. Our hearts melt when we look into Connor's eyes. He makes all those negative pregnancy tests and adoption match 'No's' more than ok. All they really meant was that it wasn't time." 

Another thing about this couple that stands out in my mind is the way that God worked in their hearts about a building relationship with their little one's birth mama. When I first talked with them about CAC, they were very hesitant about the idea of any ongoing contact with birth parents in adoption. But God had another plan for them. As they humbly laid their hearts out before Him, listening for His voice, their hearts were shaped and molded to match the plan He had for them. Christie shares,

"Oh goodness. I don't even know if we can fully explain or even yet comprehend how much Brad and I love her. She must be one of the Lord's angels, because there is no earthly explanation for how special she is. She is almost like our cheerleader! She checks on us to make sure we are all doing good and see if Connor is letting us sleep. On his 1 month birthday, she texted to tell us "happy 1 month of being awesome parents." To say that was humbling is an understatement.  So as best as I can put it - We are beyond grateful for her choosing to give Connor life and letting us be his parents. We love her in this special, miraculously, big way."

When I look at the deep, committed way that Brad and Christie love one another, their son, and his birth mom, I see the Author of love. They are living out-loud, 1 John 4:7 "Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God."

Brad and Christie, I have no doubt that with the grace of God, your commitment to God and to one another, and with this sweet son in your arms, you're in for one of the best years of marriage yet! Happy Anniversary!

(Note: photos courtesy of Reflections by Amanda and Anna Hotz Lard.)
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