Monday, November 7, 2016

Sean and Jenny's Adoption Story: Prayers With Specific Answers

God put a very specific desire in Sean and Jenny’s hearts and watching Him move in their adoption story has been such a privilege!

I had a phone call with Sean and Jenny back in January of last year where they shared with me about their desire to adopt a child with Latin American decent, in particular from Honduras. Jenny runs a beautiful non-profit there and they have huge hearts for the people of Honduras. I told them that it wasn’t very common for infant adoption situations to pop up in the U.S. involving Honduran decent, but that we could all pray! And we did.

They got started with Christian Adoption Consultants and began working on their home study while I created their family profile book. Fast forward to June. CAC was contacted about a baby boy who had already been born and his brave birth mama wanted to make an adoption plan. Due to specific laws, the agency needed a family from one specific state. That state just happened to be where Sean and Jenny lived. And that baby just happened to be El Salvadoran (in Jenny’s words, “About as close to Honduras as you can get!”). They formed a beautiful relationship with their son’s birthmother and are even able to communicate with her in Spanish. How amazing is God?!

Jenny wrote about their story on her blog and I’m grateful for the chance to share share part of it here with you:

"There is much joy in adoption but it’s impossible to overlook the fact that adoption cannot exist without brokenness and pain.  There were times in the four days between when we heard about him and when he came home with us that I thought I would crack under the weight of this brokenness.  I always play the role of comforter and fixer for those who suffer.  In this, I was acutely aware that this momentous occasion that was about to bring us so much joy was also going to cause this beautiful woman who carried our little L in her womb inexplicable pain. It was paralyzing."

"He was three weeks old when he became ours.  For those first three weeks, he was with her.  And he was so loved. It can be easy to judge where he came from.  It’s sadly natural to think of the woman in these stories who gave life in terms of weaknesses, character flaws or cowardice.  Having now walked this road, I’m blown away by just how false this is.  She is one of the strongest and most selfless people I have met.  She carried this child for 9 months when there were other options.  She bonded with this child but remained resolute in her desire for this child she loves to have a life that she cannot currently provide."

"I never ever thought that when we adopted a child, his biological mom would become one of my heroes.  That I would aspire to be more like her. This is the legacy that we want L to own.  That the decision she made was the result of her aching love for him.  That he is so incredibly worthy.  And that the presence of pain doesn’t mean there is a lack of love.  Because for this little one? We’re all bursting with it."

Isn't God is so personal in His care for us? The way that He so very specifically answered the cries of Sean and Jenny's hearts blows me away. God knit their hearts together with their son's birth mama's heart and as Jenny said it so beautifully, they are all bursting with love for him!
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