Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cary and Sami's Adoption Story: God's Good Timing

Chosen the first time they presented their profile. Love poured out on the brave expectant mama who had chosen them. A beautiful daughter soon in their arms. Parenthood finally beginning-the answer to years of prayers. A home filled with the sweet baby murmurs they had longed for. Then, the unexpected: a brain tumor. And still, not skipping a beat, Sami and Cary walk on with hearts full of faith and gratitude, choosing to praise Him, their eyes wide open to all the ways God is at work.

Sami shares, "Cary and I have been overwhelmed by God's goodness and His faithfulness through our adoption process. We have also learned so much about complete surrender and giving everything to Him. Leading up to our decision to adopt, we waited for 7 years for God to answer our prayers to start a family. Throughout this season of hoping and waiting to become parents, God taught us to rest in Him. When we were tempted to worry or doubt or fret that there was something we should be doing, He has been faithful to teach us that we can and should rest in His arms. This peace has been so freeing and such a blessing. All of the things that God brought us through as we waited for our daughter have prepared us so well for this next season that we are now in."

"When our daughter was almost 7 weeks old Cary was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has since had brain surgery. We are still waiting for reports and to know what the plan will look like moving forward. I know that without God teaching us and loving us through our adoption process, this season would be much more difficult! Ultimately, we are so thankful that God is a big God that is always in control! He knew the timing that would be perfect for us and sent our sweet baby girl at exactly the perfect time. We are thankful that He chose to give us our sweet girl to be a light in our lives during this season and that He loves us more than we can ever imagine."

"Adoption has been such a gift to us. We have gained an amazing extended family through Stella's birth family and cannot imagine our family any other way. CAC has been an invaluable resource to us through prayer, encouragement, guidance and support and we love that God led us to them for our adoption!"

(Photo Credit for all photos: Sara Way from Timeless Moments Photography)

Please join me in praying for continued healing for Cary. God's grace that is so clearly on this precious family of three.
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