Tuesday, February 5, 2008

He Smiles

Life has become a little more exciting at the Fenskas' house.
Our little boy can smile.

(p.s. - please pray for Tali, she's a little sick this week.)

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4 Responses to “He Smiles”

  1. OH so cute! I have been trying to remember when this happens. Can't wait! :) And I thought he looked like you before but in that video he reminded me of Josh!

  2. Man... what a cutie:) Oh how I love when they smile:):):)

    And may the Lord bless your little Tali to heal from her sickness.

  3. Oh,he is so cute. I wish that I was there to hold him. He's growing like crazy!

    And blessings to you, with a sick baby, you need your mom for a little help! :)