Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who Would Have Thought?

On Valentine's Day, 2004 I showed up to babysit the children of my pastor and his wife. When I arrived, the door was opened by Mr. Joshua David Fenska, who was living with them at the time. His plans had sovereignly changed for the evening and he was going to be staying at home studying while I babysat Abigail and Ryan. I could not have been more shocked and freaked out.

Little did Josh know, I about fainted at the sight of him. I had been trying so hard for an entire month not to give the slightest hint to him that I was falling in love with him (though we had just met). I knew there was no way that I could be around him for an entire evening and him remain oblivious to how I felt. (Or so I thought.) So, I desperately prayed that God would help me to ignore him and that he would remain clueless and stay upstairs. But, God had other plans!

The children went to bed very easily and I was left to clean up from the mess we'd made playing. Soon, I heard footsteps and saw Josh bringing down some laundry. All of my desperate resignations to ignore him flew out the window and I asked him a couple of questions. He sat down at the table across from me and we talked for the next several hours. It was the first opportunity that we'd had to really get to know one another. Talking with Josh was like talking to an old friend. There was an easiness to the conversation and a warmth about it that left me smiling long after he'd gone back upstairs.

A year and a month later, we were married. Sometimes, I still feel like I might pass out with excitement when I see him. Talking with him is still so easy and fun. There is no one that I'd rather talk with, no one that I'd rather spend my life with.

Happy Valentine's Day, babe! I love you with my whole heart.

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3 Responses to “Who Would Have Thought?”

  1. I remember that! ha! I laughed and laughed (I am laughing in my heart right now)!
    Praise be to God for interupting our lives!

  2. What a wonderfully romantic story!