Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Tali-isms

After trying some tiliapia (which she happened to be allergic to):
Tali: No yike. Too baaad. No peas, Mommy.

While playing outside in water for the first time this summer:
Tali: Oh Drhama, Tawee wahter. So muts fun! Vaywee, vaywee fun!

After picking up her baby doll:
Tali: Oh baby. I lub ewe baby. Sooo muts! All da day yong. (kiss, kiss)

p.s.-Owen waved for the first time today. Tali was playing out by him and she waved at him and said, "Hi." He got a huge smile and waved back. These kids are just so much fun.

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2 Responses to “More Tali-isms”

  1. I Love your Tali-isms.... so very creative. And you are going to be sooo thankful you recorded these:). Glad to here you are doing well and buying a house!!! Yipee!!! Praying for all the details to fall into place and God to bless your move!