Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Please Pray for James

A while back, I asked for prayers for the baby of our friends, Jimmy & Kristal. Baby James has undergone many, many health challenges over the past year and continues to need the Lord's healing. Would you join me in praying for this little boy? This is a critical time for him as his reflux is particularly bad right now and in the past couple days he has been throwing up every 6-7 minutes. The concern is that the fluid will get in his lungs and also that he may become dehydrated. Imagine the pain that this little guy is in and imagine how scary and hard this must be for his parents to watch.

Jame's dad, Jimmy, has asked for the following prayer requests:

Pray for James: Pray for complete healing and comfort. He is overly tired and way uncomfortable.

Pray for the Docs: That the Lord would grant them good decision making abilities.

Pray for Kristal: We haven't been getting much sleep lately. This morning we got up at 4 am.

Pray for me: I have to stay up with my studies in the midst of all of this.

You can follow the updates on James via Jimmy's blog: Context is King

Thank you for seeking to "bear one another's burdens" and to faithfully pray as the Lord has commanded us. I know that it means so much to Jimmy & Kristal.

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