Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some Tali-isms

Ok, friends. So Tali has been absolutely cracking us up lately. I thought you might enjoy hearing some of her humorous comments.

Oh, Mama! I'm all ticky! Dust yike da pid!!!
(And so her love for "If You Give A Pig A Pancake" continues...)
(Imagine this: it's 9:30pm and Tali is 2 hours past bedtime. She's in a white onesie and her hair looks like she stuck her finger in a light-socket. We arrive at the place we're staying for vacation and I start marvelling at what a blessing the place is. Before I know it, I see Tali running all around touching everything, saying emphatically...)
Oh my dud-ness dway-sus! Whud a bess-een! Whud a bess-een! A towch! Whud a bess-een! A tare! Whud a bess-een!
Doe-nus. Doe-nus. I NEEEEED it!
(And she doesn't really even like donuts to be honest.)
I WANT FINCH-FYES! I want finch-fyes! I need finch-fyes!
(Wow, I wonder where she got this phrase?!)
(We've got a picture album of photos from when Tali was first born and I've talked with her a bit about how excited we were to have her. This is her re-telling of the story. I wish I had been up for a date right after giving birth...)
Tahee yiddle teeny baby in hop-i-tal. Mommy say, "Oh wud a bue-a-ful baby!" Mommy tuts huh. Tahee seep on Mama's test. Daddy say, "Oh wud a bue-a-ful baby!" Papa Red an Drahma tum. Mommy Daddy doe on uh date.
(And my personal favorite:)
Oh Mommy! Dod mate suts a bue-a-ful day!

You've got to agree, this child is a lot of fun.

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2 Responses to “Some Tali-isms”

  1. Well, goodness gracious, don't we all need the occasional reminder about the blessings of couches and chairs?!

  2. I know that I do, Andrea!