Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Privilege of a Wife: Mirroring God's Character

I started reading the book that Jodi had suggested and was immediately challenged by the questions the author posed. Here are just a few:

Why did God give Adam a wife?

If an outsider observed your daily routine, would he say that befriending your husband is important to you? How would he be able to tell?

How does God's covenant with you impact your relationship with your husband?

Maybe these answers come easily to you, but to me that wasn't quite the case. As I read, I realized that my ideas and beliefs about marriage weren't very thought out. I wasn't quite sure how I would answer the questions above. Prior to marriage I had been really excited about the idea of marriage, couldn't wait to get married, and wanted to honor God in marriage. I had been taught well by various books, premarital counseling, messages at our church, meetings at the Pastor's College, etc. about what God teaches regarding marriage. But, in my heart I didn't really buy into the whole purpose of being a wife. I was mostly just excited about being in love with Josh and loving my husband is basically what fueled my behavior towards him-not scripture.

Through the first chapter that I read, entitled, "In His Image," the Lord opened my eyes afresh to the amazing opportunity given to me to mirror His character in my marriage. I hadn't done much thinking about that before. What a beautiful privilege! I can mirror God's character in my marriage. But how do I do that?

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