Thursday, February 4, 2010

This One's For You, Mom!

In an attempt to occupy my kids for a bit, I printed off this tracing sheet that I'd found. When I showed it to Tali, she said, "Well...I can't do that Mommy. Maybe when I'm owed-er an I can do it all by myself, THEN I can try that." I explained to her that she could at least give it a shot. Here are the results of her first ever tracing. (Mom, I knew you'd want to see it even if no one else does!)
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2 Responses to “This One's For You, Mom!”

  1. I am an amazed Grammy!!! Way to go Tali!

  2. Tali,look at you, sweetie. You can trace shapes!!! I know you can do that! You traced lines on that wipe-off book. Wow!! Can you trace some ABC's?