Saturday, March 6, 2010

Loving My Two Year Old

Pretty much everything that Owen says right now is cute. He is just flat out adorable to me and I love to hear him talk. Here are some quotes that I've been storing up from my boy:

O: Mommy? Kin you please take dat monstuh boe-uhd out of the liveen woom?
Me: Honey, it's not a monster. It's just the ironing board. I know you don't see it very often.
O: Way-ul...kin Gwamma pweese take huh boe-uhd home wif her?
Me: Well, it's not Grandma's ironing board, it's Mommy's.
O: No. It's Gwamma's.

(You don't need me to tell you who does the ironing around this house.)
O: Wayd uh secind! How'did dis gid in he-uh?
O: Mommy? I miss you. Oh! Dare you ah!
O: Oh! Ah-dee's eyes ah black! Dey look like boo-behwees!
Me: Owen, Jesus can help you to obey right now.
O: Yah. Becuz he suffuhd and tempted.
O: Oh no! Tahlee is gwumbuling!

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One Response to “Loving My Two Year Old”

  1. loving his hair katie, it looks so curly!!!! those pictures are awesome!!