Thursday, March 18, 2010

Please Pray for Brandt

Our dear friends, Aaron & Andrea, have been faithfully trusting God for years waiting for Him to grant them the joy of becoming parents. On Monday, 9 weeks earlier than expected, their little boy made a surprise visit. God's mercy and kindness are surrounding them all as they pray for Brandt's growth and physical strengthening during his NICU stay. These friends are heroes to me; their faith in a sovereign and loving good God makes me believe in Him all the more. They inspire me to see the all satisfying love of Christ above all else. It is really an honor to know them and watch them bringing our Savior glory by their trust in Him.

Please pray for Brandt. And even if you don't know them, I know they'd be encouraged to hear that you're praying for them. Please leave a little comment on Andrea's blog to let them know!

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