Monday, May 17, 2010

His Different Plans

You know the old saying, "some days are better than others?" Today falls into the "others" category. Nothing big in the huge scheme of things, but just not my ideal day. I wasn't expecting to give Addie a bath mid morning but poop up her back necessitated it. I wasn't expecting to change Tali's clothes around 10am due to an "accident" but ya can't really have your child running around in the buff. (Quick side note: after Tali declothed herself I heard Owen say as if he was taken aback, "Oh Tali! Yuh not vay-wee mah-dist!" Had to laugh out loud at that.) I didn't expect to look for Owen's bear for a HALF AN HOUR only to find it hiding beneath a toy in the basement. Lots of things I didn't expect, but as my little theologian of a 3 year old reminded me, "I guess God had a diff-rent plan for ya day, Mommy!"

He did have a different plan and His is always best even though I don't always like it. In the midst of the things I wasn't really wanting to do I told God, "I don't really want to do this." Here's what He said in only the loving yet truthful way that God speaks, "Why? Because it's not easy? Jesus never had a break either."

Yep, I am still in this same old battle with fighting my love of ease. I haven't fully learned the lessons God's wanting to teach me here. Jesus didn't have a break. Jesus didn't have it easy and yet I think I deserve that and get angry when I don't get it.

Oh Lord, please change my heart to want to serve like You instead of demanding that my day be the way I want it to be.

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One Response to “His Different Plans”

  1. Katie,

    as usual, your humility to share your struggles resonated with me. i can so relate to your desire for ease.....i crave it so bad at times and i'm always ashamed of how it comes out in me. thank you for the reminder that Jesus didn't have it easy, so why should i expect to?
    i admire your humility and your desire to honor God in your parenting.

    ~patty r.